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Job Attachments & Internships

Apprentice Group
Apprentice Group
Job Attachment and Internships

Ohorongo Cement offers job attachments and internships in an effort to provide tertiary students from a wide variety of educational disciplines the opportunity to apply traditional academic classroom teachings to actual work experience. This effort prepares learners for future recruitment into the industry with relevant technical experience, which will meet the requirements of the current industry.

The following fields are covered:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Metallurgy / Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Finance
  • Procurement & Warehouse
  • Human Resources
  • Safety, Health and Environmental

All interested students should apply to Ohorongo through email to:


or letter requesting for internship posted to the following address:

Human Resources Department 
Ohorongo Cement 
P.O. Box 444 

Important: All applications must include the following before they will be admitted for consideration:

  • A short CV
  • Tertiary subject results
  • A cover letter from the University, College or Vocational Training Center, detailing the type of project work they need to be exposed to
  • The period of attachment, and the expected start and completion date of internship.
Commercial Advance Training Scheme (CATS)
Commercial Advance Training Scheme (CATS)
Commercial Advance Training Scheme (CATS)

The Commercial Advancement Training Scheme is a two-year programme which provides duel education in the field of Industrial Management. Trainees undergo a combination of practical work experience and attending a formal business course.

CATS Commercial Advancement Training Scheme

Graduate Programme 2019
Graduate Programme 2019
Graduate Programme: Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Engineer or Metallurgist

OHORONGO CEMENT is operating a world class cement factory near Otavi in northern Namibia. This is one of the most modern cement plants in Africa and proudly Namibian. As an important player in the Namibian economy, Ohorongo Cement reduces unemployment, develops skills and delivers cement of world class quality to Namibia and abroad. 

Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd is giving an opportunity to a Namibian graduate who has completed his/her studies in Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Metallurgy.

As a graduate engineer, you will emark on a comprehensive Develpment Programme that systematically exposes you to all relevant areas of the organisation. This programme will provide skills expansion, which will be vital in progressing your career path in process engineering. It will combine on-the-job learning with formal training opportunities and stimulating, hands-on roles.

This role provides a supporting function to the production team, incorporating work in the following areas of responsibility, amongst others.

  • Involvement and support in optimization projects in all areas of the process.
  • Learning and understanding monitoring and correction of chemical and physical process parameters to ensure product quality.
  • Improving process efficiencies.
  • Retrieving proce data from SCADA system, and using this data for process monitoring and optimization.

Ohorongo Cement is seeking hard-working, dynamic young individuals with a keenness to learning and grow to become part of its process team though the Graduate Programme. Ideal candidates will be capable of taking initiative in their approach to problem-solving, and will have a keen intereset in the independent skills development, in adition to the training provided. The graduate will be provided with a mentor to support and guide them in their development.

Graduates are encouraged to email their:

  • Motivation letter
  • Comprehensive CV
  • Certified Copy of Degree
  • Complete Academic Record


Ohorongo Cement (PTY) LTD, Plant Sargberg,
Human Resources Department
Email: recruitment@ohorongo-cement.com

Deadline: 31 January 2019

Note: No faxed applications will be considered and only short-listed candidates would be contacted.

No documents will be returned to applicants.


“I’m Trianus Shuulula and I love my job!”



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OHORONGO CEMENT is operating a world class cement factory near Otavi in northern Namibia. This is one of the most modern cement plant in Africa and proudly Namibian. To ensure the continued excellence of this cemen...

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Ohorongo (Pty) Ltd. is Namibia’s only cement-producing company and owns one of the most modern cement plants in Africa. It was constructed over the course of two years by leading international engineering com...


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Corporate Citizenship

All investments in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy are facilitated through the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT). The Trust is based on 3 pillars: HEALTHCARE, INFRASTRUCTURE & EDUCATION. All requests and proposals received are evaluated in terms of the 3 pillars. Requests for support, donations and sponsorships should clearly address one of the 3 pillars, with a clear indication of expectations and the associated costs. A committee sits on a regular basis, and all r...

Our Contacts

Ohorongo Haus
Schanzenweg 35, Klein Windhoek
P.O. Box 86842, Eros
Tel: +264 61 389 300

Cement Plant
Sargberg Plant, North Otavi
P.O.Box 444, Tsumeb
Tel: +264 67 235 7000

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