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Ohorongo has changed Namibia from a net importing to a net exporting country.
Ohorongo Cement Process

Ohorongo Cement Process

Not sure how cement is made? Our complete cement making process is captured on video...

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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Based on an annual production of more than 700 000 tons of cement per annum, Ohorongo’s limestone deposit yields reserves for more than 300 years.

This represents a major commitment to Namibia and puts great responsibility on Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd. Therefore, the company regards the process of developing this deposit as going hand in hand with the obligation to practice good corporate citizenship and to support the economic growth and social development of the population in the area in which it operates.

Corporate citizenship Project

Our Approach

Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd believes that good corporate citizenship can only be achieved through the creation of a supportive and fair working environment, conducive to employee satisfaction in the service of productivity and quality outputs, as well as the adoption of a broad-based, holistic approach that takes the company’s complete sphere of influence into account and considers the environmental, economic and social impact of the company’s operations on the adjacent communities. Click here to read more

The Ohorongo Trust

The Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust was established in 2008 by Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd with the purpose of contributing towards the wellbeing of the community of Otavi. For this purpose Ohorongo committed itself to making an annual financial contribution towards the trust in order to enable the trustees to meet their obligations. Click here to read more

Corporate Citizenship Projects

Click here to read more about our Corporate Citizenship Projects.

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