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Building and financing partners agree to support Shack Dwellers Federation for two more years

Published on: 1 August 2017
Hans Schutte,Meryl Barry,Edith Mbanga,Revonia Kahivere,Heinrich Amushila,Martha Kaulwa & Anna Muller
Hans Schutte,Meryl Barry,Edith Mbanga,Revonia Kahivere,Heinrich Amushila,Martha Kaulwa & Anna Muller

The tripartite partnership that supports the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia has been instrumental in the building of almost one hundred new houses over the past year. This week the partnership signed a new agreement to continue funding the federation for another two years.

In March 2016, Ohorongo Cement, the Pupkewitz Foundation and the FNB Foundation formalised their development partnership through a formal agreement requiring each partner to put one million dollars in cash or kind, to support the activities of the Shack Dwellers Federation.

From this point, the FNB Foundation pledged its N$1 million per year for a three year period, Ohorongo Cement donated the same value in cement, and Pupkewitz matched these contributions with building materials. These are sold to aspiring home builders who are members of the federation and the proceeds are placed in a revolving fund to help other members too.

This combination of direct financial support and building support has seen 20 new houses built in Otavi, 33 in Tsumeb, 12 in Tsandi and 26 in Omaruru.

By mobilising available labour and by motivating the Shack Dwellers Federation members, together with the support of the development partners, the federation is able to create houses at a cost that no other provider can match.

“No building contractor can provide houses for these low prices, and the federation creates strong communities that assist each other – both with saving schemes and with free labour. It is incredible to see how the communities work together to a common goal” said Revonia Kahivere, the Corporate Social Investment Manager at FNB, adding that the bank is convinced the federation has developed a concept that makes a meaningful impact in the provision of housing to the poorest.

Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement, Hans-Wilhelm Schütte said their aim goes much further than just supporting low-cost housing. “Our aim is not only to enable low income Namibians to own assets, but also to enhance their living conditions. It is heart-warming to see members paying back their loans, ensuring the swifter construction of even more houses.” he stated.

Chairperson of the Pupkewitz Foundation, Meryl Barry said the need for low-cost housing has reached a crisis point. “The Pupkewitz Foundation is looking forward to continuing year 2 of this momentous partnership with our partners.We join our valued partners, FNB Foundation, Ohorongo Cement and the Shack Dwellers Federation in the fight to provide low cost housing, capacity building and empowerment to our fellow Namibian citizens” she said.

Source: https://economist.com.na/26929/markets/building-and-financing-partners-agree-to-support-shack-dwellers-federation-for-two-more-years/

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