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Cementing Careers: UNAM students visit Ohorongo

Published on: 9 October 2015
UNAM 2nd year Engineering students visited the Ohorongo Cement plant.
UNAM 2nd year Engineering students visited the Ohorongo Cement plant.

Students from UNAM paid an industrial visit to Ohorongo Cement with the aim to familiarize themselves with various activities, of interest to Engineering students, taking place at the cement plant.

The 2nd year students from UNAM, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering & IT in Ongwediva visited the plant on 2 October. According to the Engineering lecturer, Mr J. Mashuna, who accompanied the students, the industrial visit is one of the most tactical methods of teaching.

“It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Visiting Ohorongo Cement gives students a practical perspective in the working world, it gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to only theoretical knowledge being taught in the lecture-room,” said Mashuna. The group was accompanied by another 3 lecturers: Mr.D. Karegeya, Mr.S. Shaanika and Mr.T. Alweendo.

During the visit, students were briefed on health, safety and environmental aspects at the workplace. Thereafter, they viewed a video about Ohorongo Cement which gave them an overview of the history and the physical cement making process.

This was followed by a physical plant tour, which normally starts at the beginning of the process with the collection of raw materials and concludes where the actual packaging of the product into the cement bags and the distribution via trucks and rails to the Ohorongo customers takes place.

These visits provides students a good opportunity to gain full awareness about industrial practices and increase their awareness about new technologies. Technological development is an important factor which students should have a good knowledge of.

Additionally, Ohorongo Cement then points out the various job and career building opportunities available within the company. This motivates the students to give their studies the attention it deserves, as they then have a better understanding of how they could add value within a company, but also to Namibian economy.

Plant visits to Ohorongo Cement can be arranged, however, it is limited to smaller groups due to safety requirements. Health and Safety is very high on the company’s agenda and remains a continued focus.

Ohorongo Cement is happy to assist student related plant visits, as it views the transfer of skills and knowledge as a vital part of contributing towards the Industrialization of Namibia. The company also recently inaugurated a simulation training centre which focuses on training for control room operators.

All the above is in line with the vision of the Namibian Government, executed into practice to ensure value addition to take place within Namibia.

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