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Published on: 9 January 2019
Jean Amaambo the Alternative fuel administrator at Ohorongo Cement in the RDF storage hall.
Jean Amaambo the Alternative fuel administrator at Ohorongo Cement in the RDF storage hall.

With the festivities of the holiday season, it is expected that a lot of waste will be generated especially from parties and gift wraps. However, if all waste is collected and taken to the Rent-A-Drum waste management centres in Khomas-, Erongo- and Oshana regions, Ohorongo Cement will ensure that it is disposed of in a sustainable manner. 

Processed, none-recyclable material is burned along with other alternative fuels to fire the kiln, which is the key process of cement manufacturing. The kiln has gas temperatures of up to 2000 Degrees Celsius, which guarantees complete combustion and destruction of all organic substances, resulting in no harmful emissions. 

Since beginning of this year, Ohorongo disposed of over 70 trucks of none-recyclable material as alternative fuel, alongside wood chips and charcoal fines in its kiln. For the past six months, Ohorongo’s kiln has been running on over 40% alternative fuels.

“It’s exciting to see how much none recyclable materials we can use in the cement manufacturing processes and even though we utilise other alternative fuels the Refused Derived Fuels make a huge difference. If every Namibian can make it their ‘way of living’, to ensure that all waste is discarded of in a responsible manner, Namibia can become a clean country,” said Jean Amaambo the Alternative fuel administrator. 

She also advised that those on the road dispose of their waste in a responsible manner.

“It would not harm anyone if we keep our waste in our vehicle until we reach a place where there are facilities to dispose of it. Dumping our waste in the middle of nowhere will end up doing more harm to the environment. Ohorongo is doing its part, do yours,” Amaambo says. 

“The environment belong to all of us and we have a collective responsibility to take care of it. That is why our operations is set up in a way that we are able to ensure that less waste is send to the landfill by utilising processed none recyclable waste as alternative fuel in our process,” said Junge Jansen, the environmental coordinator at Ohorongo Cement. 

Rent-A-Drum, CEO, Gys Louw says everyone within the borders of Namibia has a major role to play in keeping the country clean. This he says, can be done if everyone choose to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle waste.

 “Zero waste to landfill should be a mind-set that encourages everyone in Namibia to add value into the things we use, the environment we live in and saving our valuable planet for future generations,” Louw says. 

The use of TDF has multiple benefits, including less waste to landfills and river beds, employment creation as well as tremendous benefits for the environment as results of reduced fossil CO2 emissions. 

Let us help Namibia reclaim its status of cleanest country in Africa! 

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