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OOCT awards bursaries

Published on: 19 January 2016
OOCT awards bursaries
OOCT awards bursaries

Two students can continue their education, as they were awarded study bursaries by Ohorongo Cement through its Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust in December 2015.

The decision to award bursaries is yet another first for Ohorongo through its Trust, in collaboration with the Engineering Professions Association (EPA).

The company approached the EPA and collaborated extensively in order to find suitable candidates to be considered for the bursaries.

By the end of 2015, OOCT committed to fund bursaries for a fixed total amount of N$ 25 000 each for 2016/17 for two electrical engineering students and signed an agreement with the EPA to manage all administration of the two bursaries on behalf of OOCT.

“Education is of the utmost importance, as those currently studying, are the leaders of tomorrow,” said Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

The two students who were awarded the bursaries are Saara Ipinge and Diana Nambahu, both 2nd year students at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (previously known as Polytech).

When they are not studying, they will be working at the Ohorongo Cement plant to gain practical knowledge within their fields of study.

The EPA is a non-profit, voluntary membership association of engineering and related professionals in Namibia. It is associated with the Namibian Institute of Technology (NAMIT) and is a full member of the Commonwealth Engineers' Council, London, UK.

Amongst the services provided by the EPA to the engineering fraternity of Namibia is the awarding of annual bursaries to selected engineering students who wish to study towards degrees or diplomas in engineering at a University or Technicon.

The Engineering Professions Scholarship Fund Trust was established some years ago and funds between 5 and 10 students annually.

Scholarships are administered by the EPA with the purpose of supporting students with good academic results financially, so that they are able to meet the cost demands of their studies.

Ohorongo Cement through OOCT has also committed to sponsor a bursary for the Ministry of Health & Social Services, as well as for the Ministry of Education. Details in this regard will be confirmed soon.

“We want to appeal to the rest of the private sector to follow suit to consider awarding bursaries. Imagine if every institution just do one bursary every year…it could have a huge snowball effect and can only have a positive outcome for Namibia,” said Schütte.

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