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Thirty-two participate in Keetmanshoop brick-making training

Published on: 13 June 2018
Thirty two trainees received their attendance certificates.
Thirty two trainees received their attendance certificates.

Of the 12 regional brick-making trainings conducted by Ohorongo so far, the //Kharas Region has recorded the highest number of participants, the cement company’s Marketing Manager, Carina Sowden has said.

The training was conducted here on Tuesday with 32 people taking part, of which six were women. The training aims to empower participants by transferring proper brick-making skills, which will translate into better housing, job creation and economic empowerment, said Sowden.

“More people took part in the training here than in the other 11 regions. Zambezi had the second highest number with 29 people. We are also happy that women from different //Kharas towns, villages and settlements took part,” she said.

Sowden said they came up with the idea of teaching people to make bricks after realising that some of those selling bricks in the Namibian market are not doing it right as the brick is of poor quality.

“The quality of the brick is bad, so we decided to train people to make bricks the correct way.” She said they hope those trained will start making quality bricks and sell them and be their own employer and to share the skills.

“We want communities to buy quality bricks at their villages and towns to cut the cost of logistics.”

Speaking to Nampa after the training, Regional Facilitator of the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia, Rosalinda Hendricks said she has been making bricks for the last 20 years, but she learned a lot at the training.

“I have learned new things I will share and I urge the trainees, please, let us also inform others, our families, friends and relatives, and I am very thankful to Ohorongo and Build it for the training,” Hendricks said.

The next training will be conducted in Mariental on Thursday and conclude in Gobabis


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