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An initial investment of more than N$ 2.5 billion into Namibia was made.
Ohorongo Cement Process

Ohorongo Cement Process

Not sure how cement is made? Our complete cement making process is captured on video...

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Training & Internships

In-house Training

In-house Training

The process of developing the skills necessary for producing world-class cement in our work force is no easy task. Fortunately, Ohorongo has got access to a number of experts seconded from our mother company, Schwenk Zement KG. These specialists have joined the Ohorongo team for the start-up of the production phase for a limited period of up to 6 months. During this time, they were part of the in-house Ohorongo contingent responsible for training local staff and preparing them for their tasks. After the initial period, the Schwenk colleagues returned to Germany.

Formal Training

Training in Germany

For a number of technical positions, in-house training is neither sufficient nor possible. For instance, while the plant was still under construction and not yet fully operational, the employees responsible for the production process once the plant had been commissioned, could not be instructed at the Sargberg plant. Therefore, a number of technical staff received training in Germany and were placed with Schwenk, Polysius or seconded to the Association of German Cement Plants.


To ensure that there is a sufficient number of suitably qualified staff to join our ranks in the future, we support gifted Namibian students in their industry-specific studies and facilitate exchanges with Universities and training institutions.

Talent Management

Ohorongo Production Staff

Ohorongo recognises that every employee has got the potential for career progress and professional advancement. Through a process of pro-active talent management and the identification of future leaders, we work with personnel to encourage and enable them to achieve their potential. In order to open up future perspectives for employees and to nurture ambition, Ohorongo has put a human resource development system in place, giving employees the chance to improve their skills and capabilities and to test themselves against new opportunities.

Health & Safety

At Ohorongo Cement, we ensure that our staff are educated about health and safety issues relating to their work at Ohorongo Cement. The video clip is an example of one of these informative presentations regarding Tuberculosis and Cement.

Job Attachment and Internships

Ohorongo Cement offers job attachments and internships in an effort to provide tertiary students from a wide variety of educational disciplines the opportunity to apply traditional academic classroom teachings to actual work experience. This effort prepares learners for future recruitment into the industry with relevant technical experience, which will meet the requirements of the current industry.

The following fields are covered:

  • Chemistry
  • Metallurgy / Process Engineering
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Financial Management
  • Procurement & Warehouse Supply Management
  • Human Resources
  • Safety Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Occupational Health


All interested students should apply to Ohorongo Cement through email to internship@ohorongo-cement.com, or letter requesting for internship posted to the following address:

Human Resources Department

Ohorongo Cement
P.O. Box 444

Important: All applications must include the following before they will be admitted for consideration:

  •  A short CV,
  • Tertiary subject results,
  • A cover letter from the University, College or Vocational Training Center, detailing the type of project work they need to be exposed to,
  • The period of attachment, and the expected start and completion date of internship.
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