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Click on a date below to view the details of each of Ohorongo Cement's Milestones.

  1. Ohorongo Produced Cement Power with Solar Energy

    11 September 2018
    Minister of Mines and Energy Hon Tom Alweendo unveils the plaque
    Minister of Mines and Energy Hon Tom Alweendo unveils the plaque

    The Minister of Mines and Energy Hon. Tom Alweendo, today (07 September) inaugurated Namibia’s first privately owned Independent Power Producer (IPP) solar PV plant that will supply power directly to an industrial customer without going through the national transmission grid.

    The plant, located next Ohorongo Cement, is a close to N$100 million investment solar plant that will provide green and clean electricity to the cement factory. This will contribute to the reduction of Namibia’s reliance on electricity imports as well as in greenhouse gas emissions.
    Hon. Alweendo sees the output of this plant as a contributing factor to the country’s efforts of sustainable electricity generation which he believes has positive implications and far-reaching impacts for the future.

    “We trust that this partnership will assist to contribute to alleviating poverty in the region, through stimulating the local economy and providing honest, decent sources of livelihood. In addition to adding to the energy mix, the project will continue to help ensure a renewable supply of power to the Ohorongo Cement Plant; and, perhaps most importantly, ensure future growth for the region, while also contributing to the growth of the country,” said Hon Alweendo.

    Ohorongo Cement availed land next to its cement plant for the construction of the Plant. SunEQ four Investment, an Independent Power Producer and solar asset development platform, in collaboration with its Namibian partner, Hungileni CC, developed, constructed and owns the Solar PV Plant.

    The plant is equipped with approximately 20,000 polycrystalline silicon modules mounted on a tracking system with an output of 5MWac that will be fed into the electricity grid of cement manufacturing plant, whithout being connected to the NamPower National grid.

    “With this, Ohorongo Cement will contribute towards Namibia's efforts to reduce Namibia’s reliance on electricity import, and assist to reduce CO² emissions from electricity generated using fossil fuels. . In doing so, we will also conserve the precious commodity of electricity that adds so much value to every sector and sphere of our economy,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte the Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

    The investment in this facility is made up of 90% Namibian sourced funds. 30 % of the equity portion is a contribution from our PDN equity partners Hungileni Investments. Furthermore, the construction of this plant was also conducted by a team made up mostly of Namibian experts.

    “SunEQ four Investments Namibia is truly honoured to have been a part of this momentous journey from the beginning and is pleased to have done all this, involving Namibian content and investment along the way,” said Alan Okemwa the project Manager Solar investments solutions at SunTrace GmbH (a member of the SunEQ and Hungileni consortium).

  2. Local firm to supply Ohorongo with bags

    10 July 2018
    Some of the employees employed at KAPTAU that currently produces cement bags for Ohorongo.
    Some of the employees employed at KAPTAU that currently produces cement bags for Ohorongo.

    Ohorongo Cement that since its establishment has sourced cement bags from South Africa, started sourcing its bags from KAPTAU packaging in Oshakati.

    KAPTAU is the first local company to produce cement bags.
    Although the company has been on the cards since 2013, it only became operational last year and now has the mandate to produce a million bags to Ohorongo by the end of August.

    Executive Chairman David Namalenga said the company was established particularly to supply cement sacks to Ohorongo.

    The company produces about 10 000 bags a day and it remains optimistic to deliver its target by the set date.
    Ohorongo Managing Director Hans-Wilhelm Shütte said Ohorongo is already packaging its cement in the sacks provided by KAPTAU.

    He further said an establishment such as KAPTAU is evidence that Namibia is on the right track towards becoming industrialised through the growth at home strategy and its National Development Plans (NDPs).
    Shütte was optimistic that KAPTAU will provide sustainable employment for Namibians.

    Currently, the company employees 25 full staff members of whom the majority are women.
    Praising KAPTAU, Shütte said apart from the employment creation, KAPTAU will further cut on import of cement sacks.
    Namalenga is optimistic that an addition of machinery in the new future will up its daily production and therefore create further employment.

    Probed whether the bags produced at KAPTAU are of good quality, Shütte was good to add that Ohorongo does not compromise on quality.
    Shütte urged other local companies to venture into the manufacturing sector in order to drive industrialisation in the country.

    Source: https://neweralive.na/2018/07/11/local-firm-to-supply-ohorongo-with-bags/

  3. Ohorongo Avails N$9 Million for employee housing

    3 October 2017

    Employees of Ohorongo Cement received their Deeds of Sale for land allocated to them by the Otavi Town Council today. The company availed N$9 million that is going towards the purchasing of land as well as cement contribution, for the construction of employee houses.

    “This is certainly the biggest highlight in the history of our company. Today we created the first of many real and lasting legacies, for the welfare of our colleagues. What we did today, will hopefully restore their human dignity,” said the Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schütte.

    Ohorongo Cement entered into an agreement with the workers union, to assist employees in acquiring land for housing in Otavi and Tsumeb. The focus is on first time property owners. This is in support of the national drive for housing provision as described in the Harambee Prosperity Plan.

    The target is to acquire 120 ervens, subject to the approval of funds, cost and availability of serviced land. Otavi Town Council allocated 30 serviced ervens, measuring an average 375m² for the average cost N$26,000 in Extension 5.

    Now that the land has been availed, Ohorongo Cement will provide cement for the construction of standardized one- and two-bedroom houses. The building material will be paid for by the employees through loans from financial institutions.

    To ensure that the houses are of superior quality, a building contractor has been appointed and will deliver the housing units over a specified period.

    The employees will be the sole owners of the properties, even though the company is contributing to a certain extend towards acquiring them, as Mr Schütte explains.

    “Our colleagues will be the direct owners of these properties. This is why they signed the Deeds of Sale directly with the Otavi Town Council and the respective financial institutions. Our contribution is only to ensure that all our colleagues enjoy quality of life and living conditions,” he said.

    During the 2016 wage negotiations, the workers union negotiated for assistance towards property ownership for the employees.

    “We felt that increasing the housing allowance didn’t solve the problem of lack of housing. That is why we opted for a permanent solution for us and our families to have dignified homes. Therefor we thank the company for this good gesture that will truly secure futures,” said Brazzo Zamuee the Namibian National Labour Organisation, Branch Secretary.

    Her Worship Cllr Martha Shipanga, the Mayor of Otavi Town Council, handed the Deeds of Sale over to the Ohorongo Cement employees and described the initiative by the company as a step in the right direction to alleviate poverty.

    “We will try to make sure that families have dignified homes. My hope is that many more employees of Ohorongo Cement will seize this opportunity to acquire a home. Congratulation to you who received your Deeds of Sale today and we look forward to the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of your houses,” the Mayor said.

    Can also be found in The Namibian:

  4. OHORONGO CEMENT – Stimulates Northern Entrepreneurs

    17 August 2017
    Governor of Oshana Region; Hon. Clemens Kashuupulwa (in white).
    Governor of Oshana Region; Hon. Clemens Kashuupulwa (in white).

    The Governor of Oshana Region, Hon. Clemens H Kashuupulwa, today (17 August 2017) officially opened the Ohorongo Cement Ondangwa Depot, which will cater for distribution of cement to the four Northern regions, and if feasible, export markets to Southern Angola.

    The Governor commended Ohorongo Cement for its bold decision to make this N$4 million investment, despite the current economic trying times. “It is very pleasing to see Ohorongo Cement being optimistic to continue commit to capital projects, as it will position them well for future endeavours. As for their presence in Ondangwa, I believe it will support entrepreneurial drives in the four Northern regions,” the governor said.

    The new depot is a result of Private Public Partnership agreement with TransNamib to lease land at Ondangwa railway station, and is part of the Northern Railway Extension project which extends from Tsumeb to Oshikango.

    Hon. Kashuupulwa said the partnership between Ohorongo Cement and TransNamib is a lesson for all, “as these two entities have proven to us that the Northern Railway is a good investment by our Government that could bring positive changes to this part of the country. Thus, both the public and the private sectors need take advantage of its strategic location and close proximity to Regional and International markets.”

    The newly opened Ohorongo Cement depot next to the TransNamib railway station at Ondangwa.
    The newly opened Ohorongo Cement depot next to the TransNamib railway station at Ondangwa.

    Ohorongo Cement invested N$4 million into this infrastructure for the distribution of various cement types, including the CEM II 42.5 N, CEM I 42.5 R, CEM II 32.5 N B-LL. These are for the local market, while CEM II 42.5 N, Portuguese labelled, will also be available for the export markets in neighbouring Angola.

    “We are taking this opportunity to expand whilst building local value chains and solid business relationships. We believe that the spins for this investment toward local entrepreneurs, especially the transporters, will be great,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

    Schütte encouraged Namibian public and private business to work together, in order to contribute meaningfully to the country’s National goals of becoming a prosperous nation, through securing livelihoods, protecting jobs, creating new ones and reducing poverty.

    “This spirit of co-operation and unity of purpose will take our country many steps forward on the path of socio-economic development and the realisation of our national goals such as NDP5, Harambee Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030,” added the TransNamib’s Acting Executive for Commercial and Marketing, Mr Zebby Mukungu.

    Building material retailers and cement transporters, as well as the local authority of the town of Ondangwa were amongst those who attended the event.

  5. Introducing the first RDF Processing Plant in Namibia

    7 January 2017

    RDF is derived from hand-selected household and commercial refuse stream fractions. The material used cannot be recycled and has been sent to landfills before. Due to this initiative less waste is added to the landfills, hence emissions and pollution are reduced and additional jobs are created.

    Introducing the first RDF Processing Plant in Namibia

  6. Ohorongo Cement measured against international standards

    30 November 2016
    Ohorongo Cement measured against international standards
    Ohorongo Cement measured against international standards

    Namibian Standards Institute (NSI) certified Ohorongo Cement’s products for fulfilling the requirements of the Namibian Standard NAMS/EN 197-1:2014.

    NAMS/EN 197-1:2014 gives specification and conformity criteria for common cement. The scope of certification covers five types of cement manufactured by Ohorongo Cement: CEM II A-LL 42.5N, CEM II B-LL 32.5N, CEM II B-V 42.5N, CEM I 42.5R, and CEM I 52.5N

    The NSI CEO, Chie Wasserfall, handed over the certificate to Ohorongo cement’s Divisional Production Manager, Jaspis Ndjago during the inauguration of the Composite Cement plant and 3rd Packaging line.

    Wasserfall explained that this certification will allow Ohorongo Cement to enter the Zambian and Botswana market without additional certification and inspections. “Ohorongo Cement will be allowed to use the marks of conformity on the specified cement types. This gives customers and end-users peace of mind whenever purchasing or using the cement on which the NSI mark appears,” she said.

    Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, who witnessed the event, said this certification provide the industry guidance related to standards compliance.

    “It also further strengthens our credibility as a nation, that in as much as we invite investors to invest here, that they must produce products that are of world class and quality,” she said.

    Hon. Shilunga also congratulated Ohorongo Cement for being one of the few cement manufacturing companies in the world to receive ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certifications.

    ISO 9001:2015 certification confirms that Ohorongo products are of the highest quality, as measured against international standards, while the certification on ISO 14001:2015 confirms their continued commitment towards sustainability and caring for the environment. 

  7. Ohorongo Cement securing supply for Namibia

    30 November 2016
    Ohorongo Cement securing supply for Namibia
    Ohorongo Cement securing supply for Namibia

    Today, Ohorongo Cement inaugurated a new Composite Cement Plant and 3rd Packaging Line, which will boost the company’s cement production to 1Million tons per year, which will be sufficient for Namibia’s domestic needs and beyond.

    The new production unit will allow Ohorongo Cement to produce and supply Namibia with various types of consistent high quality cement, while the new packaging line will increase the packaging of cement from the current 4 400 bags per hour to 6 800 bags per hour. In addition to the packaging line, Ohorongo Cement has also installed a 2 ton Big Bag filling station for special projects, aimed at optimizing logistics.

    The contractors transferred skills and knowledge to the Namibian workforce in operation of the new cement production plant and maintenance of the packaging line.

    The NAD150 million investment was constructed with the latest technology, and inaugurated by the Deputy Minister of Mines and Energy, Honorable Kornelia Shilunga, who described the investment as a testament to the importance that Ohorongo Cement attaches to the development of the country.

    She further commended the company for setting the bar high for future investors in terms of execution, standard and quality for all value addition products.

    “This further strengthens our credibility as a nation that, in as much as we invite investors, we also expect them to produce products that are of world class and quality,” Honorable Shilunga said.

    The speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi, former Mines and Energy minister Isack Katali, the Hon. Governor of the Otjozondjupa Region, Hon. Otto Ipinge, the German Ambassador to Namibia, His Excellency Mathias Schlaga, and the Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd. Board members were amongst those who attended the event at farm Sargberg.


    29 July 2015

    The goal of Ohorongo Cement has always been to ensure that the Namibian population at large can benefit from its investment into the country, through job creation, by being self-sufficient and through the balance of payment.

    Hence the company is happy to announce that DBN has increased their shareholding in Ohorongo Cement to further re-invest into Namibia and its people.

    "The re-investment into the country is done to ensure a sustainable Namibian cement industry and before any benefits have been derived by shareholders. This proves how serious Ohorongo Cement is regarding its investment into the country and its people", said Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

    "We are looking forward to grow local shareholding even further in future, supporting Government initiatives like Vision 2030, Growth At Home and NDP4. The re-investment into Namibia presents itself through the new composite cement plant and the inauguration of the simulation training centre to the value of another combined N$ 150 million,” said Schütte.


    29 July 2015

    The Minister of Mines, Hon. Obeth Kandjoze, inaugurated the first ever Simulation Training Centre at the Ohorongo Cement Sargberg Plant on 29 July.

    The Centre forms part of the N$ 150 million total investment which was made into a Composite Cement Plant, a new packaging line and the Simulation Training Centre for control rooms, a first for the Namibian market.

    Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd is a world class producer of high quality cement to the Namibian market, and has one of the most technologically advanced cement plants. The Company currently has a 98% Namibian workforce, but there are critical areas where specialized skills are needed, and because this is the only cement factory in Namibia, such highly specialized skills are not yet available in Namibia. Essentially, cement and heavy mining industrial expertise is a vital skill necessary to establish the operational structures of the factory. One of these critical areas identified is the availability of cement experienced and skilled supervisors and control room operators.


    29 July 2015

    Another investment of N$ 150 million by Ohorongo Cement was confirmed with a ceremonial groundbreaking event for a Special Composite Cement Plant at the Ohorongo Sargberg Plant today.

    The event was officiated by the Hon. Obeth Kandjoze, Minister of Mines & Energy at the Ohorongo Sargberg Cement Plant today.

    At present, Ohorongo Cement supplies the Namibian market and export market with only 3 different product types.

    In order to meet the increasing demand for additional cement types, a new production unit is required, a so called Special Composite Cement Plant, hence the further investment.

  11. RMB Namibia and Ohorongo Cement Build Strong Partnership

    27 July 2015
    RMB Namibia and Ohorongo Cement Build Strong Partnership
    RMB Namibia and Ohorongo Cement Build Strong Partnership

    RMB Namibia is delighted to have formed a strong Namibian partnership with Ohorongo Cement, owner of Africa’s most modern cement plant and the only one which exists in Namibia. The plant is a cornerstone of Namibia’s “Growth at Home” and industrialisation strategies in support of NDP4 and Vision 2030.

    RMB Namibia is proud to have been appointed as mandated lead arranger in the restructuring and “Namibianisation” of the funding package for Ohorongo cement, previously dominated by the development banks – The German Development Bank DEG, The Development Bank of South Africa DBSA and Industrial Development Corporation IDC. The Development Bank of Namibia also played a critical early role in the project, by taking an equity stake in Ohorongo Cement, which it has now increased with the restructuring.  FNB Namibia has also provided an N$100m working capital facility for the plant start up.   

    RMB Namibia provided bridge funding of N$ 290 million to allow Ohorongo Cement to early settle its European bank debt. Subsequently RMB Namibia extended N$ 350 million long term debt to Ohorongo, fully funded out of Namibia. RMB Namibia also extended N$ 150 million in working capital facilities to Ohorongo.

    Ohorongo Cement does more than merely manufacturing cement. A host of supplier businesses have emerged around the Otavi cement plant, ranging from bush-clearing to pallet manufacturing to transport and catering businesses, employing more Namibians than the 300 workforce at the plant.  The FNB Namibia Group is engaging with Ohorongo on this greater “ecosystem’’ including fostering partnerships with joint corporate social responsibility projects aimed at changing peoples’ lives and creating a better world.

  12. Ohorongo Cement wins EIF Award: Environmental Excellence Among Industries

    18 May 2015
    Hon Minister Pohamba Shifeta & Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schütte
    Hon Minister Pohamba Shifeta & Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schütte

    A proud moment was bestowed on Ohorongo Cement to receive the first ever ENVIRONMENTAL EXCELLENCE AMONG INDUSTRIES AWARD hosted by the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF).

    The Awards Ceremony was hosted on 13 May at the Nampower Convention Centre, by The Environmental Investment Fund (EIF) of Namibia, who work in close liaison with the Ministry of Environment & Tourism and the Sustainable Development Advisory Council.

    These Awards are aimed at recognizing and celebrating the work of companies, local authorities and individuals have done while promoting & demonstrating sustainable and responsible development into the core of business and industry in Namibia.

    The Category of Environmental Excellence Among Industries, targeted mainly private sector companies, parastatals and local authorities and seeks to reward the application of innovative technologies and exciting approaches, which minimize operational impacts on the environment. Energy and water efficiency are key focus areas as well as environmentally friendly approaches to the management of waste.

    The competition for the category was stiff and Ohorongo had to compete against Namdeb / Hendrick Ehlers & the Uuyelele Solar Bottle Project / Wolwedans Collection & Northern Refuse Removals, who were all nominated. However, Ohorongo walked away victorious, with Wolwedans as runner-up.

    Ohorongo Cement wants to thank the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, together with the Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia and the Sustainable Development Advisory Council and others for placing the appropriate focus on this very important aspect of Sustainable Development.
    After all, it is a relevant topic which touches various industries in many ways.

    Ohorongo takes pride in the fact that, to name but one, its CO2 emissions are even lower than European standard requirement. However it continuously strive towards improvement through improving energy efficiencies and the cutting of waste.

    The company believes that the focus on sustainable development should start with an educational process from a young age and it supports the bottom-up revolution, which also connects communities and collaborated efforts.

    Each Namibian resident can make a difference, even in the smallest manner by heeding the advice: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

    Ohorongo is planning to utilize the award to plough back into the small community of Otavi. It will liaise with the Otavi Town Council and identify an environmental community project to which the company can contribute.

    The company has won similar awards in the past, however, receiving this award is a validation that the company is on the right track. Ohorongo is but an infant within a new industry, and to be bestowed with this award for Excellence Among Industries is a truly humbling experience.

    As Ohorongo Cement embraces this recognition, it wants to encourage other sectors and industry to intensify their commitments to our Namibian nation, to all do our part to ensure a quality of life for ourselves and future generations.

    The other categories, nominees & winners were as follows:

    Elephant Energy
    Hendrick Ehlers and the Uuyelele Solar Bottle project
    Okongo Community Forest (Runner-up)
    Northern Refuse Removals
    Ncumcara Community Forest (Winner)
    Namibia Traditional Councilors Association

    Hon. Ben Amadhila (former Chairperson of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economics, Natural Resources and Public Administration)
    Hon. Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah (current Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Environment and Tourism)
    John Kasaona (Winner)

    YouthinkGreen Group from DHPS
    Hendrick Ehlers and the Uuyele Solar Bottle project
    Okakarara Waterberg Environmental Project
    Cheetah Conservation Fund (Runner-Up)
    Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (Winner)
    Recycle Namibia Forum

    Absalom Shigwedha Freelance Journalist with The Namibian newspaper (Winner)
    Pearl Coetzee Namibia Press Agency (Runner-Up)

    Congratulations to fellow businesses who received awards and Ohorongo wants to applaud them for their dedicated efforts to assist us all to leave a lasting legacy.

    Together, we can make a difference, one step at a time!

  13. NMA Manufacturer of the year

    22 October 2014
    NMA Manufacturer of the year
    NMA Manufacturer of the year

    On 23 October 2014 Ohorongo won three awards of which we won the NMA Corporate Manufacturer of the year.

  14. Made in Namibia Expo

    28 July 2014
    Made in Namibia Expo
    Made in Namibia Expo

    Ohorongo Cement was awarded the Product/Service Excellence award at the 2014 Made in Namibia Expo.

  15. Ohorongo Cement TV Advert Launched

    1 July 2014
    Ohorongo Cement TV Advert Launched
    Ohorongo Cement TV Advert Launched

    Together we plan, we build. Brick by brick creating a new industry, a better Namibia with employment creation and transfer of knowledge and skills towards one goal – growth at home and a better future for all Namibians! We are Ohorongo Cement – Set for success.

  16. Launched new website

    7 January 2014
    Launched new website
    Launched new website

    Ohorongo Cement reached another milestone by re-launching their new website on 7 January 2014. The changed website is directed to be more inter-active and to supply more detailed information to Ohorongo customers about the company, its products and its services. Amongst others it includes various features the previous website did not have, including a video of the actual cement production process. The timeline of milestones has also been re-designed to give more information per milestone achieved, including press releases where applicable.

    There is also dedicated sections on some policies regarding procurement and Human Resources, as well a section on the OOCT Projects undertaken by the organization.

  17. Passed VDZ audit and receive ISO 14001:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certification

    7 October 2013
    Passed VDZ audit and receive ISO 14001:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certification
    Passed VDZ audit and receive ISO 14001:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certification

    Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd, the only cement manufacturer in Namibia, have just obtained its certification of having met the International Standards of ISO 14001:2009 and ISO 9001:2008, an Environmental Management and Quality Standard.

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) established the Environmental Management System to encourage companies to evaluate all areas of business where its activities have an environmental impact.

    The ISO 9001 – Quality Management system provides guidance and tools for companies and organizations who want to ensure that their products and services consistently meet customers’ requirements, and to ensure that quality is consistently improved.

  18. NMA Manufacturer of the year

    20 June 2013
    NMA Manufacturer of the year
    NMA Manufacturer of the year

    Photo to the left: Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schuette (MD Ohorongo) receives the award from Hon Calle Schlettwein (Minister of Trade & Industry) and Mr Brian Black (Chairperson of the NMA)

  19. One Million tons of cement sold mark

    2 April 2013
    One Million tons of cement sold mark
    One Million tons of cement sold mark

    Ohorongo Cement reached the million tons produced & sold milestone on 2 April 2013.

    A special celebratory bag forming part of the million tons production run was handed over to His Excellency, President Hifikepunye Pohamba by the Hans-Wilhelm Schuette (MD) and Martin Hattingh (Sales Manager).

    A special Media function was also held for the press to celebrate the occasion with Ohorongo Cement.

    The million tons of cement could be broken down into the following interesting statistics:

    • 24 400 trucks loaded
    • 5230 bulk tankers loaded
    • 414 950 pallets of cement loaded
    • 17 million plus bags of cement produced
    • 823 108 truck tyres passed the weigh bridge at the dispatch office
  20. Ohorongo Cement Connects St Helena to the Outside World

    24 May 2012
    From left to right: Georg Besemer, Johan Burger, Graham Temlett & Richard Miller
    From left to right: Georg Besemer, Johan Burger, Graham Temlett & Richard Miller

    A three year contract to supply cement for the building of the St Helena Airport project was signed on 24 May 2012 between Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd and Basil Read (Pty) Ltd .

    Basil Read (Pty) Ltd approached Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd and inspected their plant last week to familiarize themselves with the quality, processes & procedures that would meet the project specifications and demands.

    The contract to design, build & operate an airport on the island of St Helena was awarded to Basil Read in November 2011. It is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), a department of the British government.

  21. First Export Portuguese packaging

    9 April 2012
    First Export Portuguese packaging
    First Export Portuguese packaging

    In order to ensure that their products adheres to the necessary regulations and requirements of neighboring countries and to make Ohorongo products for accessible for export customers, Ohorongo launched their first ever Portuguese only packaging. This packaging would mainly be used for exports to Angola and to DRC.

  22. First bulk cement export from Namibia to Angola

    12 March 2012
    First bulk cement export from Namibia to Angola
    First bulk cement export from Namibia to Angola

    Ohorongo Crosses Borders With First Bulk Export To Angola

    Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd ensured a regular influx of foreign capital into Namibia, by having successfully exported the first bulk cement to the south of Angola on 12 March 2012.

    The first bulk cement load was delivered by bulk tanker to Santa Clara, Angola.

    The project promises a total tonnage of about 30,000 metric tons of cement to be exported until the end of 2012, which equates to approximately 1000 loads of bulk cement.

    This is in agreement between Mr Benjamin Hauwanga (owner of BH Motorspares) and his customer, CFRL, Santa Clara.

    In the past, the availability of bulk cement was not readily available, but now Ohorongo has made history by making it available.

    In the process Ohorongo is supporting SME’s as part of its Logistics Strategy. The first load was delivered by Enkali Transport, a small family business, based in the North of Nambia.

    This project forms part of Ohorongo’s bigger plan to expand exports. The aim is to export approximately 350,000 metric tons annually.

    Where Namibia had to import cement previously, the tables has been turned with Namibia now exporting cement to neighbouring countries.

  23. Official inauguration by President

    3 February 2011
    Official inauguration by President
    Official inauguration by President

    Ohorongo Cement Opens For Business Two Months Ahead Of Schedule - A Namibian-German Partnership Success Story

    On 3 February, Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd celebrated the official opening of its recently commissioned cement plant, together with staff, partners and stakeholders. His Excellency, President Hifikepunye Pohamba, once again honoured Ohorongo with his presence at the event, as he had done for the groundbreaking ceremony almost exactly two years ago when he had turned the first sod. This time His Excellency was present to press the plant’s ceremonial start-button.

    In his address during the official inauguration, the Chairman of Ohorongo Cement and CEO of main shareholder Schwenk Group, Mr Gerhard Hirth, looked back at an exciting construction period, during which Africa’s most modern cement plant was completed in the record time of only 22 months. Hirth pointed out: ‘It is not every day that only 22 months after start of construction, a cement plant that has the capacity and technology as Ohorongo, is able to get to the point of producing the first cement. We are very proud of this achievement.’

    Download the PDF Press Release for this milestone for more information

  24. First Cement production

    8 December 2010
    First Cement production
    First Cement production

    The cement produced by Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd conquered the Namibian market by storm since first offered to consumers beginning of February. The new cement plant in Otavi, which has a capacity of 700,000 tons of cement per year, had recently been inaugurated by His Excellency President Hifikepunye Pohamba on the 3rd of February. This was the official starting signal for Namibian cement production. Ohorongo Cement currently offers rapid hardening Portland Limestone Cement of two strengths, namely 32.5 and 42.5 and most local retailers are now stocking the new brand.

    Ohorongo has invested in the most modern equipment and best available technology (BAT) to produce cement of absolute consistent quality. This is supported through strictest quality control ensuring quality of all raw materials used in the production process. The bulk of the raw materials that are required for the production of cement (limestone, shale and marl) are mined at Ohorongo’s own quarry. Gypsum and iron ore on the other hand are procured from the Eclipse and Okorusu Mines respectively. 

  25. First Clinker Production

    28 November 2010
    First Clinker Production
    First Clinker Production

    Two months ahead of schedule Ohorongo fired up the rotary kiln and produced the first clinker in Namibia’s only cement factory. This milestone heralds the beginning of the cement production process and Namibia’s independence from cement imports.

    In a record time of 22 months the investment in access of 2.5 billion N$ by Schwenk Group to construct Africa’s most modern cement plant was brought to a success ahead of schedule and, according to Ohorongo management, the first cement may be expected early next year.

    The raw materials limestone, shale and marl mined at the Ohorongo quarry, are burned in the kiln at temperatures exceeding 1.500 degrees Celsius to produce clinker, the intermediate product to the final product. Together with gypsum that is sourced at a mine close to Swakopmund the clinker granules are milled to manufacture cement.

    Download the PDF Press Release for this milestone for more information

  26. Securing Gypsum Supply from Elspe Minerals

    25 November 2010
    Securing Gypsum Supply from Elspe Minerals
    Securing Gypsum Supply from Elspe Minerals

    Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd and Elspe Minerals (Pty) Ltd have last week signed a supply and cooperation agreement in terms of which Elspe Minerals, owned by the Namibian family Kahl, agrees to supply high quality gypsum to Ohorongo. The gypsum prospect, situated in the Namib Naukluft Park close to Swakopmund, is one of the few known gypsum resources in Namibia which can reliably and sufficiently supply gypsum to Ohorongo.

    Through this agreement, as well as through the recently negotiated contract with Okorusu to supply iron ore to the plant, all of the raw materials which Ohorongo requires for the production of cement are now sourced in Namibia. This makes Ohorongo Cement one of the few Namibian companies that complete the entire value chain of their product within the country, from bare limestone rock to quality cement.

  27. Securing Iron Ore Supply from Okorusu

    12 November 2010
    Securing Iron Ore Supply from Okorusu
    Securing Iron Ore Supply from Okorusu

    Ohorongo and Okorusu in Partnership - Otjiwarongo Fluorspar Mine to Supply Iron Ore for Cement Production

    The Managing Directors of Ohorongo and Okorusu yesterday signed a supply and delivery agreement, under which Okorusu will supply iron ore to Ohorongo Cement. The first consignment will be delivered to the Ohorongo plant during September, just in time for the commissioning of the raw mills of the plant.

    At full production, Ohorongo Cement will procure about 8 500 tonnes of iron from Okorusu. Although the overall proportion of iron ore in the mix of clay and limestone is minimal, with only about 50kg per tonne added to the raw meal, it is nevertheless an essential catalyst in the production of cement clinker. Cement clinker, which is an intermediate product of cement, is produced by burning limestone, clay and iron ore in a kiln at 1 450 degrees centigrade.

    Download the PDF Press Release for this milestone for more information

  28. Switch over from 11KV to 132KV Power Supply

    21 July 2010
    Plant switches over to permanent electricity supply
    Plant switches over to permanent electricity supply

    Plant switches over to permanent electricity supply

    On 21 July, Ohorongo Cement finally shut down the temporary NamPower electricity supply to switch over to the 132kV permanent NamPower power supply that will provide the plant and all connected operations on Sargberg with electricity. Together with the NamPower team the Ohorongo engineers ensured a smooth switchover.

    Under full load, Ohorongo requires about 18 MW (MegaWatts) of electricity, roughly double the requirements of Tsumeb Customs Smelters. The biggest consumers of electricity at Ohorongo Cement are the cement mills, using about 8 MW and the burning, crushing and grinding of raw material, overall consuming about 7.8MW.

    Download the PDF Press Release for this milestone for more information

  29. First Group of Recruits sent to Germany for Training

    27 April 2010
    First Group of Recruits sent to Germany for Training
    First Group of Recruits sent to Germany for Training

    Early this month, Ohorongo Cement mother company Schwenk KG has received twenty of recently recruited Ohorongo employees. During their stay of three to five months in Germany with Schwenk, the ten control room operators, seven shift foremen, two department foremen and the clinker production superintendant are prepared for their future tasks at Ohorongo while at the same time being introduced to the Schwenk corporate culture.

    Neville Gertze, Namibian ambassador to Germany, together with his colleague from the commercial office, Mrs. Mekondjo Kaapanda-Girnus, welcomed the group in Bernburg, the German town where Schwenk’s largest cement plant is situated. Congratulating the entire group to this opportunity for personal advancement, he reminded them to always be on time, since, so Gertze ‘… this is characteristic to the Germans.’ Also Gerhard Hirth, CEO of Schwenk KG, addressed a welcome note to the trainees and advised them to pick up as much knowledge and experience during their time in Europe.

    Download the PDF Press Release for this milestone for more information

  30. First Blast at Ohorongo Cement Quarry

    23 March 2010
    First Blast at Ohorongo Cement Quarry
    First Blast at Ohorongo Cement Quarry

    On Tuesday 23rd of March, Ohorongo Cement conducted its first blast in the Sargberg quarry. Erastus Shilongo, blasting supervisor of Ohorongo Cement, ignited the 2 150kg water gel explosives distributed over 144 holes. The blast prepares the first 600 square meters of quarry ground for mining

    While the Ohorongo Cement plant is still in the construction phase and marketing of the first cement is only scheduled for January 2011, Tuesday’s blast distinguishes the quarry as the first link to become operational in the productive chain of the entire Ohorongo Cement plant. This timely start of mining is necessary to give access to all the different mineral qualities which will be mined at commissioning of the plant later in the year.

  31. Roof Wetting

    4 February 2010
    Roof Wetting
    Roof Wetting

    In a historic roof wetting ceremony on the 4th of February, Ohorongo Cement celebrated the realization of the final height of the preheater concrete structure. Parallel to the other buildings on site, the tower was raised on a 3.400m3 large foundation with 120 workers active 24hours a day. A total of 5.300m3 of concrete and 1.400 tonnes of steel were processed. Overall, it took a little more than 9 months to complete the raw structure of the tower. With an eventual final height of 109 meters, the Ohorongo preheater tower will be amongst the highest buildings in Namibia.

    To attend this special event, Mr. Eduard Schleicher, head of the owning family of Schwenk Group, travelled from Germany to Sargberg near Otavi. Also present at the roof wetting ceremony were the Prime Minister, Honourable Nahas Angula, as well as the Ministers of the Ministries of Lands & Resettlement, Labour & Social Welfare, Mines & Energy and Works and Transport & Communication. German Federal Minister for Economic Co-operation and Development, Dirk Niebel, also attended the function together with the Ambassador of Germany, Egon Kochanke, and the Ambassador of the European Union, Elizabeth Pape. Further amongst the guests were the Honourable Peter Katjavivi and Mr Harald Pupkewitz, to mention just a few of the dignitaries.

  32. Signing of Agreement with TransNamib

    16 December 2009
    Signing of Agreement with TransNamib
    Signing of Agreement with TransNamib

    On 16 December Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd and TransNamib Holdings Limited entered into an agreement to construct a private siding on farm Sargberg, the location of Ohorongo’s cement factory. The private siding will be instrumental in the conveyance of raw materials and cement products to and from the factory when the plant is in production by the end of 2010.

    In terms of the agreement, Trans Namib guarantees the standards of workmanship and materials, while the responsibility for maintenance is shared between Ohorongo and TransNamib. In addition, TransNamib will provide training regarding safe operations to Ohorongo’s locomotive operators free of charge.

    Download the PDF Press Release for this milestone for more information

  33. Groundbreaking Ceremony

    29 January 2009
    Ohorongo Cement Plant Groundbreaking Ceremony
    Ohorongo Cement Plant Groundbreaking Ceremony

    On 28 January 2009 the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Ohorongo Sargberg plant took place at Farm Sargberg, just outside the town of Otavi. His Excellency, President Hifikepunye Pohamba and many other dignitaries attended the event. A ceremonial spade was used to symbolize the official Groundbreaking activities.

  34. Start of Construction of the Ohorongo Cement Plant

    1 January 2009
    Start of Construction on the Ohorongo Cement Plant
    Start of Construction on the Ohorongo Cement Plant

    During the second week of October, Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd received the kiln and two mill cylinders for the cement plant which is constructed on the Farm Sargberg 25 km north of Otavi. Due to the out of gauge dimensions of the shipment, the mills and kiln were moved under police escort and abnormal permits from Walvis Bay to the Ohorongo construction site.

  35. Arrival of Cement from Schwenk for Plant Construction

    8 December 2008
    Arrival of Cement from Schwenk for Plant Construction
    Arrival of Cement from Schwenk for Plant Construction

    Loads of cement from Schwenk Cement Kg arrived at Farm Sargberg, just outside the town of Otavi, to start the construction of the first ever cement plant for Namibia. To date, 1 925 tonnes of equipment and materials have been offloaded at the Walvis Bay Port.

    Besides the kiln and mill cylinders, most of the material was transported in containers to Sargberg via road, and 35 40’ containers are delivered to the construction site already.

  36. Starting work on Access Road

    28 August 2008

    By signing the contract for the construction of the water, firewater and sewer infrastructure for the Ohorongo cement plant, Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd and KL Construction (PTY) Ltd confirm the continuation of their business relationship. The partnership started July last year, when Ohorongo awarded KL Construction (PTY) Ltd the tender for building the 11km main access road to the site of the future cement plant.

    Executive director of KL Construction (PTY) Ltd, Mr Achim Lück, is proud that from the start his firm had part in this major Namibian investment.  ‘Our team at KL Construction (PTY) Ltd is confident that after successfully completing the access road during the rainy season, we will also succeed in providing the plant with the necessary water, firewater and sewer infrastructure.’   On sides of Ohorongo Cement, Managing Director Hans‐Wilhelm Schütte is equally delighted that KL Construction (PTY) Ltd agreed to take up the challenge of constructing the water, firewater and sewer infrastructure: ‘Based on the successful execution of the first tender awarded to KL , we are confident that – as before – this firm will also succeed in effecting this contract.’   

    Besides KL Construction (PTY) Ltd, Ohorongo Cement employs a number of firms recognized as experts in their respective fields to complete this 2.5 Billion N$ project, of which 350 Million N$ are allocated for infrastructure works alone.  While the turn‐key project of constructing the cement plant was awarded to Polysius, other works include the construction of the quarry workshop and explosives magazine by LeBau CC, as well as the construction of canteen and ablution by New Era Investments (PTY) Ltd.   Further firms contracted by Ohorongo include Kalahari Wire Products (PTY) Ltd, Grüttemeyer & Senke Electrical Contractors, Structa Technology (PTY) Ltd as well as Nexus Civils (PTY) Ltd, Earthworks Building

    Civils CC and Namibia Engineering Contractors.  Many of the contractors are in turn supported by sub‐ contractors, which gives further indication of extent and complexity of the Ohorongo project.   Controlling for quality and adherence to agreed terms, the design of all infrastructure works is under supervision of the consulting engineers Bührmann and Partners and Windhoek Consulting Engineers.

  37. Turn-Key Contract with Polysius

    14 June 2008
    Turn-Key Contract with Polysius
    Turn-Key Contract with Polysius

    The world-renowned cement plant manufacturer, Polysius, was contracted by Ohorongo’s mother company Schwenk to deliver a complete cement plant ready for production. In this turn-key project, Polysius is supported by two main sub-contractors, MCC5 and steel giant Baosteel.

    Ohorongo management uses Namibian contractors in all accessory civil works not directly related to the factory. The assignments to Namibian companies are estimated in excess of N$320 million and include, for example, contracts for building the administration building and setting up the water treatment plant.

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