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Strict quality control measures are in place
Strict quality control measures are in place
Quality since 1847

In 2007, at the invitation of a group of Namibian entrepreneurs, German cement producer Schwenk Group established Ohorongo as an autonomous, Namibian-registered company. Over a construction period of 22 months, this initial N$2.5 billion investment has become one of Africa’s most modern and efficient cement plants. It was completed two months ahead of schedule and the first bag of cement was produced at the end of 2010. Further investment was done over the past few years and current investment exceeds N$3 billion.

Ohorongo has access to wealth of industry expertise via the Schwenk Group to be able to assist with technical support towards projects, as required.

Starting with a handful of employees, the workforce has grown into a highly committed team ready to tackle the challenging task of establishing Ohorongo as Namibia’s only cement producing company. The company has close to a 100% Namibian staff complement.

Quality Assurance Audits
Quality Assurance Audits
Quality Assurance Audits Conducted

To ensure that Ohorongo is on the right quality path, frequent internal and external audits are being conducted throughout the year. The audits confirm conformance with the relevant standards. 

In addition samples are constantly taken to ensure specified quality objectives are met. Quality Assurance is also applied to verify that the company's targets and objectives are met and to ensure continued improvement. Quality Audits are conducted to ensure conformity in accordance to SABS and NSI certification requirements.

Namibian Standards Institute (NSI)
Namibian Standards Institute (NSI)
Namibian Standards Institute (NSI)

The Namibian Standards Institution is Namibia’s National Standards Body (NSB) responsible for coordinating all standardization and quality assurance activities in the country and represents Namibia at regional and international standardization activities. It is a young and dynamic institution, which was founded in 2007 under the terms of the Standards Act (Act No. 18 of 2005) and started operations in January 2008. NSI’s mission is to promote standardization of products for the safety of consumers, protection of the environment and improved access to global markets. The NSI provides services in standards development, testing and inspection, certification and metrology (calibration and verification).


Corporate Policy and Objectives

The management of Ohorongo Cement decided on a comprehensive and verifiable system for the assurance of quality, environmental protection, industrial health and safety and social accountability in terms of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SANS 50197 / NAMS EN 197 and SA 8000 (this includes a commitment to comply with the world human rights convention as well as the International Labour Organization for children and other human rights foundations). The periodic auditing in terms of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 will be conducted through an independent certification institute.

Certification Audits:

Independent audits are conducted to ensure compliance to the following standards:

  • SANS/NAMS 50197
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
NSI Certificate

This is to Certify that Ohorongo Cement (Pty)Ltd has been awarded the license to use the NSI Standard Mark.

SABS Certificate

Permit to Apply Certification Mark in respect of the mark specification.

VDZ Certificate

Certifies that the company Ohorongo Cement (Pty)Ltd and Sargberg Plant Farm 585 Otavi Namibia has implemented and maintains a quality and environmental management system. 

In the Media

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Corporate Governance

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Introduction from the MD

Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd. is one of Africa’s most modern cement plants, and currently the only cement plant in Namibia. No efforts and expenses have been spared in implementing the best available technol...

Mission, Vision & Values

To become the supplier of choice, supplying the highest quality products, building solid business relationships with all stakeholders. To be the leading cement supplier developing Namibia & beyond. Re...

Our Contacts

Ohorongo Windhoek Office
11 Van Der Bijl Street, Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek
P.O. Box 86842, Eros
Tel: +264 61 389 300

Cement Plant
Sargberg Plant, North Otavi
P.O.Box 444, Tsumeb
Tel: +264 67 235 7000

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