"Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability."

Sackaria Nakamela

Ohorongo Cement awarded a bursary worth N$80 000.00, to a Mechanical Engineering student at the Namibia University of Science (NUST).

Sackaria Nakamela, a former learner of Haufiku Haimbili Secondary School and now in his third year of studies at NUST, was awarded the bursary on the basis of his performance at university.

“My first and second years at university were very tough, as I relied heavily on my father to finance part of studies, especially for the study materials, accommodation and transport. With the bursary from Ohorongo Cement I can now concentrate on my studies,” said Nakamela.

The bursary will cover his registration fees, tuition fees, stationery, textbooks and accommodation for 2017.

Nakamela grew up in a single parent home and has been helping his mother in the mahangu field, which was their source of food security. According to him, the experience he gained doing this, helped him develop self-reliance and discipline. He would like to work at a raw material processing plant, to gain experience before setting up his own.

“Namibia is endowed with raw minerals and most of it is processed outside the country. I would like to set up my own manufacturing plant like Ohorongo Cement, that process and add value to local raw minerals.”

To prepare him for the industry, Nakamela will be engaged in projects related to his field of study during school holidays at Ohorongo’s Sargberg plant, were he will also be mentored by the Ohorongo technical team.