Life is not about finding yourself where you want be, but life is about creating yourself to be where you want to be.

Sion Amalovu

I was born and bred in one of the little villages in the Omusati region. Born by a peasant family, my parents could not afford a decent education for us, as none of them worked, apart from farming for a living. I received my Primary and Secondary education at my home village from grade 1 to 10 at
Niita yIitula Combined school, and from Grade 11 to 12 at Shaanika Nashilongo Secondary School. Attending school in the rural areas has many challenges. Just like any other kids in our villages, from Grades 1 - 10, I had to walk to school every day, despite chilly weather during the winter time or scortching heat in summer. Our homestead was about 6km away from school and I had to travel a combined distance of 12km to and from school every day. However, life was so good that we were walking in a group of about ten school children and we played together on our way to school.


After I completed my Secondary education, I pursued Logistics and Supply Chain career at Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST). I love logistics and supply chain management, because it is inclusive and applies to everyone, whether in working environment or in one’s private life. Prior to Tertiary education, I had a break for two years due to financial constraints. After I obtained my first degree, I worked for Namibia Breweries Ltd. at its Export Division for two years, and then moved to the Logistics Division for another two years.


In July 2011, I started at Ohorongo as an Export Officer, and two years later, I became a Senior Logistics Officer. Little did I know or dreamt that I will one day be part of the Senior Management of Ohorongo. In May 2015, I was promoted to the position of Logistics Manager and succeeded Dr. Matthias Schneider, the previous Logistics Manager of Ohorongo.


Prior to Logistics Manager career progression, I pursued a Management Development Program (MDP) via Wits University, as well as a Coaching Program, all funded by Ohorongo, for which I am very grateful. Apart from MDP training program, I also hold a Logistics and Supply Chain Management Honors through NUST.


Life is about learning something new all the time. One has to realize that when your climb on top of one mountain, you will find that is always another mountain to climb.


I thank the Ohorongo Management and Board for the resources invested in me and for this great opportunity.