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SINASRA receives generous donation of sunscreen from Support e.V, Ulm

Town: National
Value: N$ 3 000 000.00
Project Date: 13 October 2020

Today, our hearts are again warmed and full of joy as we receive yet another, very generous donation from our special benefactor Support e.V, Ulm.

Support e.V, Ulm, a non-profit organization based in Ulm in Germany, headed by Professor Dr. Heinz Maier, again sourced valuable sunscreen to support the people living with Albinism in Namibia.

More than 9000 packs of SPF 30 /50 Vichy and Eucerin sun-lotion as well as untested sunglasses were donated by Support e.V to SINASRA today. An additional donation of more than 200 tubes of Avene and La Roche-Passay SPF 50 & 30 sun-lotion was also received with the latest shipment of medical equipment donated by Support e.V to Namibia. The estimated market value of the total donation exceeds N$ 3 million.

Since 2015, Support e.V has focused its efforts to procure and obtain donations to assist with the care of Albinism in Namibia. This is not the first donation of sun-lotion, but it certainly is one of the biggest received from them.

Professor Dr. Heinz Maier, in Germany, obtained the sun-lotion through his campaigning efforts from benefactors like Fa. Beyeresdorf and Dr. Dieter Benz-Hirsch Pharmacy in Ulm, Germany, and we are sincerely grateful for their generosity.

SINASRA (Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance) is a welfare organization, registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which started as a rotary project and has developed into an independent entity. Its objective, as the name depicts, is to help improve the living conditions for persons living with Albinism in Namibia.

Namibia has the most albinos per capita in the world, with an estimated 2000 out of about 2.4 million people living with the condition. Albinism in Namibia is regarded as a manageable condition, provided funds are available to provide continuous support. Although people living with Albinism receive a grant from the government, it does not always fulfill their specialized needs, and therefore SINASRA and its benefactors are extremely valuable.

SINASRA and the Albino communities in Namibia are very appreciative of the generous donations received from Support e.V. Sunscreen is very expensive and we will continue to distribute the sunscreen to Albino organizations and hospitals throughout the country, which will be available FREE OF CHARGE to those affected.

SINASRA is the trusted organization with the required means and capabilities to distribute the donation throughout Namibia to benefit the entire Namibian Albino Community.

Support e.V, through the Ohorongo Otavi Community trust have been supporting SINASRA and persons living with Albinism since 2015.


Person: Dr. Peter Stoermer
Date: 13 October 2020
Tel: +264 81 128 3739
Email: stoermer@iafrica.com.na

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