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The modern cement manufacturing process is designed to use minimal water. At Ohorongo, air quenching is used instead of water cooling. The majority of water is used for ablution. A water treatment plant is used to treat this water so it can be reused for irrigation of grass around the plant. The treated water is also used for dust suppression on the quarry roads again lowering the impact of Ohorongo’s operations on the surrounding environment.

Water and oil is separated at the wash bay for mining equipment. The water is re-used for cleaning mobile equipment and the contaminated oil is refined for re-use by a local waste oil collector.

Surface water running into the quarry is pumped to a local farmer for agricultural use and for restoration of the water table.

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Ohorongo (Pty) Ltd. is Namibia’s only cement-producing company and owns one of the most modern cement plants in Africa. It was constructed over the course of two years by leading international engineering com...

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