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Capacity for 1 Million Tons

Published on: 23 October 2015
NMA Awards
NMA Awards

It has almost been 5 years since the inception of Ohorongo Cement as the first cement plant in Namibia, and looking back, the foundations were laid solid.

What started off as a dream, soon became a reality…the only one to date for the country.

In July 2015, Ohorongo announced that it invested another N$ 150 million into a new Composite Cement Plant, including new silo capacity and packaging line. Ohorongo can now produce double the entire demand of Namibia and still absorb additional export volumes.

Not only has Ohorongo sufficient capacity, it also caters for all the individual customer needs. Firstly, all different types of packaging caters for both the local and export market, which includes 50 kg bags, different sizes of big bags as well as bulk cement.

Secondly, Ohorongo is able to produce various other types of consistent high quality cement to differentiate itself from other cement manufacturers, and more importantly, cater for the needs of its customers as well as for bigger projects. Some examples includes the construction of the new container terminal in Walvisbay as well as the airport runway and wharf at St. Helena Island.

With the additional extension of the new Composite Cement Plant, which will be completed early in 2016, Ohorongo is underlining the two points, having capacity which is double the demand of Namibia, as well as catering for the individual needs and demands of customers for special projects. With the further growth of the Namibian economy which is expected, Ohorongo has ensured in advance that it has the necessary production capacity to sustainably supply cement volumes for Namibia for the future. This includes additional bigger projects that might materialize in future. The high quality limestone deposits close to the Ohorongo plant has been rated as the best available in Namibia and will last for more than 300 years.

The highest international quality standards applies to all Ohorongo products, which gives absolute peace of mind to its consumers. So when it comes to Ohorongo products, quality is part and parcel of the company, its products and its people, supported by customer service excellence.

Not only has the company been awarded special international awards, it has also been awarded three awards recently by Namibian Standards Institutes (NSI). The company again proved itself by being selected as the overall winner at the Namibia Manufacturer of the Year Awards this week.

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