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Cementing a concrete future: Ohorongo supports NIMT

Published on: 18 July 2014

The Namibian Institute of Mining & Technology (NIMT), recently cemented an annual cement donation from Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd to utilize at their various campuses.

NIMT approached Ohorongo, knowing that the company values education and training and managed to secure an annual commitment for a donation from them.

“Ohorongo is proud to support institutions like NIMT. Practical skills are a necessity in our industry and as such it pleases us to contribute towards education and training within the construction industy in Namibia,” said Ms Carina Sowden, Marketing Assistance of Ohorongo Cement.

“NIMT highly values Ohorongo as a strategic partner towards education & traning,” said Mr Eckhart Mueller from NIMT.

The Namibian Institute of Mining & Technology (NIMT) has been in existence since 1991 when the first trainees were accepted. It is a vocational / educational Institute of repute. The Institute offers training focusing on mining, manufacturing & engineering. The level of training is targeted towards providing people with the theoretical, practical and technical skills necessary to effectively take up positions as artisans.

NIMT currently has 4 Campuses: NIMT: NET Campus and Head Office; & NBCT in Arandis, NNC in Tsumeb and NSC in Keetmanshoop.

NIMT agrees strongly with the Namibian Government’s goal that Namibians should educate and enable themselves to take up skilled & managerial positions within the mining and other industries. With the relatively low number of technical graduates required in industry, it is unlikely that the country could support graduate education in the mining extraction disciplines.

There remains, however, a huge demand for artisans, technicians and supervisors in the mining, metallurgy, geology and engineering disciplines.

It is here where a gap is perceived in the education facilities within the country, which needs to be bridged for the benefit of the mining, engineering and other industries.

“Only if we focus on training can we provide skilled people to contribute towards the Namibian economy in future, and Ohorongo greatly contributes towards us reaching that goal,” said Mueller. Companies like Ohorongo Cement and Namibians like Ms Sowden and the Managing Director, Mr HW Schutte, are vital for training and educational excellence. This annual donations is highly valued and really appreciated.

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