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First 4 truckloads hand-overs

Published on: 4 June 2015
Omusati hand over
Omusati hand over

 Ohorongo Cement has handed over truckloads of cement to the first 3 regions as part of its commitment to donate 14 truckloads of cement to the country for its Silver Jubilee Independence Celebrations.

The announcement was made on 21 March this year that the company would donate a truckload of cement (720 x 50kg bags) to each of the 14 Regions, in excess of a million Namibian Dollars in value.

The first hand-over was done on 28 May to Omaheke Region, while both Omusati and Ohangwena Regions received theirs on 1 June and Oshikoto theirs on 2 June.

Through the Office of the Prime Minister, the Governors of each region have been tasked to identify projects within their regions that they would utilize the cement for.

The projects as identified by the regions are as follows:


  • Good Hope School Hostel Dormitories in Epukiro
  • 3 x School Dining facilities at Tjaka, Vergenoeg and Blouberg
  • Orphanage kitchen in Gobabis
  • Completion of Build Together Houses in Aminius and Corridor 13
  • Completion of Epako Cemetary in Gobabis


  • Onelago Combined School in Anamulenge Constintuency
  • Othika Bridge Construction in Elimi Constituency
  • Akayupa Combined School in Etayi Contituency
  • Abraham Kotokeni Kanime Project in Ogongo Constituency
  • Omuthitu Onamunkoti Bridge in Okahao Constituency
  • Liufa Komalombwelo Project in Okalongo Constintuency
  • Eenkalashe Combined School in Onesi Constituency
  • Okaku Kindergarten in Oshikuku Constintuency
  • Kelimwe Kindergarten in Otamanzi Constituency
  • Gideon Learning Centre Kindergartn in Outapi Constituency
  • Hiaukambe Combined School in Ruacana Constituency
  • Tuukondjeni Otshinagonga Group in Ogongo Settlement
  • Kanhiki Trading Project in Kalongo Settlement
  • Ombandu Informal Business Community in Onesi Settlement
  • Oshikwanambwa, expecting Mother and Okoko for mobile toilet in Tsandi Settlement
  • Maternity Shelter in Okahao Town
  • Water Storm Channel in Outapi Town
  • Shades and Toilet Facilities to be erected in Oshikuku Town
  • Brick making project in Ruacana Town


  • Community Hall in Onambutu Eenhana Constituency
  • Health Outreach Centre in Onaimbungu, Omundaungilo Contintuency
  • Exhibition Centre at the Convention Centre in Eenhana Town
  • Informal trading are open market in Eenhana Town
  • Parking bays in Helao Nafidi Town


  • Okankolo Community Hall, Onyuulaye
  • Toilets at Hage Geingob Informal Vendor Stalls, Tsumeb
  • Toilets at Soweto Relocation Settlement, Tsumeb
  • Sewage manholes for 94 Shack Dwellers Federation Houses, Tsumeb
  • Upgrading Nomtsoub Open Market Okapana Stalls, Tsumeb
  • Epumbu Community outreach clinic, Epumbu Village (Olukonda)


19 June: //Karas (Keetmanshoop)This is not the first investment of this kind into Namibia by Ohorongo Cement, as the company has already invested more than N$ 6.5 million for Corporate Social Investment into the country since its inception. The company is also very proud of the fact that it has a 98.7% Namibian staff complement in such a short time and that it creates additional jobs through support services and downstream activities.

Even though Ohorongo is still an infant within a brand-new industry, it diligently strives to continuously contribute towards Public-Private-Partnerships and support Government initiatives like Vision 2030, Growth at Home and NDP4 to affect change.

The other regions will receive their truckloads of cement throughout the year, pending of the availability of the Governors to receive it.

The next scheduled truck hand-overs are as follows:

  • 8 June: Erongo (in Karibib)
  • 12 June: Khomas (TBC)
  • 17 June: Otjozondjupa (Kalkveld)
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