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Hand over of specialized sunscreens to SINASRA in aid of the Namibian Albino Community

Published on: 17 September 2015
Peter Stoermer - Paulus Johannes and Veronika Hamute
Peter Stoermer - Paulus Johannes and Veronika Hamute

Specialized tubes of sunscreens were handed over to SINASRA in aid of the Namibian Albino Community by the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), in collaboration with Support e.V. Ulm, Germany.

The donation of sunscreen to the estimated value of N$ 27 000 was officiated on 11 September at the Windhoek Central Hospital, Oncology Department.

“The reason why OOCT decided to support SINASRA is the fact that they have the necessary manpower, the know-how, knowledge and the dedication to ensure that these sunscreens are distributed throughout Namibia to benefit the entire Namibian Albino Community,” said Carina Sowden, Marketing & Communications Manager of Ohorongo Cement.

“According to the census in 2011, there are an estimated number of more than 1 600 Albino’s in Namibia. However, we reckon there are many more Albinos in the rural areas who we are not even aware of. They need specialized sunscreen due to the very sensitive nature of their skins to prevent them from developing skin cancer,” said Dr Peter Stoermer from SINASRA.

Dr Stoermer noted that SINASRA is very thankful for the donation, as these specialized sunscreens are very expensive.

“We are going to donate the sunscreen to all the hospitals throughout the country and it will be available free of charge to the Albino Community,’’ said Dr Stoermer.

Dr Peggy Emvula explained that the local Albino Communities are familiar with the fact that they can obtain the sunscreen from all hospitals and special telescopic spectacles from all Optometrists

“For those in the far North of the country, we take some of the items & sunscreens along and distribute them there when we visit in order to also assist the Albinos who cannot afford to travel all the way to Windhoek,” said Dr Peggy Emvula.

A new patient, Ms Veronika Hamutenya from Kasivi Village in Rundu, was happy to also join in to receive the sunscreen.

Support e.V is a non-profit organization based in the German town Ulm. It was found by a group of medical doctors, who made it their aim to support medical projects in the developing world through financial and humanitarian means as well as through donations. The word ‘SUPPORT’ is the abbreviation for the group’s rationale: sofortige und praktische Problemlösung vor Ort, in English meaning ‘immediate and practical problem solving on site’.

Even though Ohorongo Cement is still a very young company within a new industry, it highly values Namibia and its people. Hence, in 2009, even before one bag of cement has been manufactured, Ohorongo Cement, in collaboration with the Otavi Town Council, started the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), with Support e.V. Ulm, as a strategic partner on the health-side of things.

The aim was to make a positive contribution towards improved living conditions of Otavi and its people, and as such, add to the sustainable social-economic development of the town.

The focus of the Trust is based on 3 pillars: Education, Infrastructure and Healthcare.

And it is in the Healthcare pillar, that Ohorongo cannot thank Support e.V. Ulm enough for their dedicated efforts towards Namibia and its people.

Prof. Dr. Maier and his team work effortlessly behind the scenes to do fundraising for specific projects that are pre-identified and budgeted for accordingly.

The company has always viewed the community as an extension of itself, and hence view this type of upliftment more as an investment, rather than a responsibility.

“We are very happy to be able to make a difference in the lives of people and it gives us true peace of mind knowing that people like Dr Stoermer and SINASRA are more than equipped to ensure that the entire Namibian Albino Community benefits from this donation,” said Sowden.

“Ohorongo Cement, OOCT and Support e.V. Ulm, is proud to be associated with supporting Government initiatives, as education and poverty eradication through job creation is the life-blood that drives the Growth At Home Strategy, Vision 2030 as well as NDP4.

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