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New 5MW Solar PV Plant for Ohorongo Cement Opened

Published on: 7 September 2018
New 5MW Solar PV Plant for Ohorongo Cement Opened
New 5MW Solar PV Plant for Ohorongo Cement Opened

Ohorongo Cement officially inaugurated their 5MW Solar PV plant this week at their head offices at Farm Sargber near Otavi in the Otjozondjupa Region, where Hon. Tom Alweendo, Minister of Mines and Energy delivered the keynote address.

The Minister said in Namibia Solar electric generation has grown so exponentially since the inception of the Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff programme in 2014 that its contribution to the grid has got NamPower and the Electricity Control Board (ECB) studying and considering if more PV generation can be accommodated on the grid without substantial damage to the grid.

“This is testimony that exploiting the sun’s power is also beset with challenges and overcoming the barriers to widespread solar generation will require engineering and financial innovations,” he emphasised.

He added that the Ohorongo 5MW PV Solar plant being inaugurated today is thus one significant milestone and he encouraged investors and developers to follow the example set by this project. “this project represents a classic win-win situation for all involved, the environmental impact from the PV plant is minimal, the plant will employ additional personnel to maintain it, the Ohorongo Cement Company gets clean energy at a competitive rate,” he stated.

He said this project demonstrates that one solution can have multiple benefits and address the three pillars of sustainability.

“Solar power protects the environment, it creates development, it promotes health and prosperity and more solar power means less pollutions and that will lead to cleaner air and healthier lives,” he added.

Meanwhile, he encouraged that the right approach to energy can enhance progress on all three pillars of sustainable development, economic vitality, social progress and environmental sustainability.

“We trust that this partnership will assist to contribute to alleviating poverty in the region, through stimulating the local economy and providing honest, decent sources of livelihood,” he concluded.

Source: Namibian Economist

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