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Ohorongo and Megabuild assists Dementia Namibia

Published on: 22 February 2012

As part of a continuous drive to improve living conditions of the community, Ohorongo Cement, Pupkewitz Megabuild and Builders Warehouse recently donated N$ 17 500-00 towards Dementia Namibia in Otjiwarongo.

Pupkewitz Megabuild and Ohorongo Cement ran a project in which they jointly donated a total of N$ 1.00 for every ton of cement purchased by Pupkewitz Megabuild and Builders Warehouse, which would then be donated to a charity of choice by Pupkewitz Megabuild.

Pupkewitz Megabuild chose Dementia Namibia as the charity of choice and also added additional funds to Ohorongo’s donation before handing it over to the Chairperson of Dementia Namibia, Mr. Berrie Holtzhausen.

“There is a great need for assistance, especially to set up Dementia-friendly homes throughout Namibia. It is very costly, but there is a huge need in the community”, said Mr Holtzhausen.

“We are so thankful to companies like Ohorongo Cement and Pupkewitz Megabuild who recognizes this need and assisted in this manner”.

What is Dementia and who is Dementia Namibia?

Dementia is defined as a syndrome condition of the brain that is the result of a brain disease.

Alzheimers is probably the most commonly known brain disease that can cause Dementia, although it is but one of more than 100 other brain diseases (others include Lewy Bodies / Vascular Dementia / Creutzfeldt-Jacob’s Disease etc).

The disease is often chronic and progressive in nature, which concerns disorders of multiple higher brain functions such as memory, thinking, orientation regarding time, place, concept, calculation, learning abilities / storage of new information, language, judgment, hallucinations, delusions,personality and behavioral disorder.

Although no two people experience dementia tin the same manner, one can distinguish four common symptoms, which all people at one time may experience, namely:

  1. Problems with everyday tasks, e.g. something simple like making a cup of coffee, getting dressed, eating etc.;
  2. Short term memory loss. Problems to process new information (e.g. Names / faces / how to use cell phone etc), to store & recall such information;
  3. Recognition of familiar faces, objects (does not recognize a door handle anymore, do not know how to open it etc.);
  4. Perceptional change. Reality is not what the 'normal' human experience. Hallucinations (a person who has died is still alive in their world). If you try to correct them, you traumatize them incredibly. Delusions (believe in something that never happened, e.g. a person who steals their money or the lack of confidence of a partner).

The above factors makes life a complex matter for the person suffering from Dementia and the relationships of such a person is negatively affected if not expertly managed.

There is currently no cure, however, there are drugs that can temporarily help alleviate the symptoms.

Dementia Namibia was started in January 2012 and is currently the only care organization in Namibia caring for people with Dementia.

Dementia Namibia also train care workers to care for people who suffer from Dementia.

Dementia Namibia has the following goals:

  • To break the ignorance about the syndrome regarding the state of the brain;
  • To assist to change mid-century behavior and attitudes about people with dementia;
  • To end the stigma regarding Dementia as a ‘bewitched person’ / ‘crazy person’;
  • To train care workers for Dementia to understand the condition, symptoms and challenges in order to manage fulfillment / joy of people suffering from Dementia (first 16 people were trained in Mach 2012);
  • To offer training to old age homes and hospitals regarding Dementia;
  • To provide support (training/advice) to families who are caring for Dementia sufferers at home;
  • To support the Ministry of Health and Social Services in offering dignified care to Dementia sufferers in Namibia;
  • To get all individuals and/or groups who have been involved or confronted with dementia to join Dementia Namibia in order to try to break the chains together;
  • To call on all “Friends of Dementia” to contact Dementia Namibia with the aim to have a Dementia representative in every village / town / city in Namibia (Dementia Namibia will supply training);
  • To set up Dementia friendly homes in Namibia (First one was opened on Farm Yakandonga, south of Otjiwarongo, with a 2nd one planned for Omaruru).
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