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Ohorongo Eyes Overseas Market

Published on: 5 August 2010

Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement, announced today that Ohorongo Cement is not content to supply only the Namibian and southern Angolan markets with cement. Rather, the company is preparing to enter international cement markets along the shores of Africa and America. Against this background, Ohorongo is considering setting up a satellite plant in the harbour of Walvis Bay. This satellite plant would be supported by the construction of sophisticated trans-shipment infrastructure needed to improve
the efficient transportation of cement.

Namibia is currently a net importer of cement, with most of the cement imported from South Africa. Since the Ohorongo plant has a production capacity in excess of the present Namibian cement consumption, Ohorongo is
investigating markets for export. The main focus of such export markets was always the south of Angola and other neighbouring countries, but with the proposed satellite plant and trans-shipment facilities in Walvis Bay, the ocean will open up important additional markets. Through Ohorongo’s export activities, the positive effect on the Namibian trade balance will be significant.

The idea to build the plant in Walvis Bay is not new. Continuous dialogue between Namport and Ohorongo has taken place since the beginning of 2008, with both partners appreciative of the advantages an operating plant would bring for Namport, Ohorongo and also the town of Walvis Bay. In this process an environmental impact assessment was completed in 2008. Also, public hearings held in Walvis Bay indicated the support for this proposal by the citizens of Walvis Bay.

Schütte emphasised the importance of the location of the satellite plant: “Walvis Bay is the ideal place for this, being the gateway to the West African coast, America and other potential cement markets.We can service our
markets directly from our production plant, having a direct link by rail Walvis Bay.”

Construction of the Ohorongo plant commenced early 2009, with production to start at the end of 2010. Being the most modern plant in Africa, the cement produced by the plant located on the Farm Sargberg, 20km north of Otavi, is manufactured to the highest standards, placing emphasis on the protection of the environment and ensuring lowest emissions. Moreover, through the development of specialised technology, Ohorongo will produce clinker using biomass. This makes Sargberg one of the cement production plants with the lowest CO2 emissions anywhere in the world.

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