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Omusati Education Directorate joins in the Brickmaking Training

Published on: 16 August 2017
Fourteen brickmaking trainees receivin a certificate of attendance
Fourteen brickmaking trainees receivin a certificate of attendance

The Chief Planner and the Chief Works Inspector of the Omusati Education Directorate formed part of the 14 brickmaker trainees of the Ohorongo Build it Brickmaking Academy session held at Build It Outapi on the 16 August 2017.

Mr. Auwa Matheus and Mr. Theophilus Shigwedha and other trainees received guidance in the art of brickmaking. The duo joined the training academy to gain skills which they wish to share with their colleagues in the region.

“With this knowledge, the Omusati Education Directorate will now have its own trained brickmakers, who will be able to manufacture bricks, especially for small projects which requires only a few bricks. I believe we will be able to save costs and time by doing this in-house,” says Theophilus Shigwedha, the Chief Works Planner.

Hon. Laurentius Iipinge of the Okalongo Constituency shared a few words with the trainees on behalf of the Omusati Regional Governor, Hon. Erginus Endjala.

“The knowledge imparted here today is very important, because now you will be able to produce quality products which will add value to local capital projects,” said Hon. Iipinge.

Build it has committed to purchase the bricks produced by the trainees, pending adherence to strict quality control measures.

“I acknowledge the importance of this training and the reduction it will play in the unemployment rate within the region. The Ohorongo Build it Brickmaking Academy gave loads of knowledge to our clients in particular, which I believe they will pass on to others. I therefore would like to thank Ohorongo Cement for their continuous support to the Build it Group,” said Emily Kandjaba, Build it Outapi Store owner.

Mr. Auwa Matheus and Mr. Theophilus Shigwedha from the Omusati Education
Mr. Auwa Matheus and Mr. Theophilus Shigwedha from the Omusati Education

The Academy is the result of the Smart Partnership between Ohorongo Cement and one of its customers, the Build it group, in support of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, as their contribution towards poverty alleviation in the country.

Ohorongo Cement and Build it established the Academy in March this year, with the aim of assisting government in its goals through the transfer of skills and knowledge.

“The fact that the staff of the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture joined the training today, means that we have the future of our country at heart. If the bricks produced by these trainees is used in our capital projects, they will form part of the inheritance for future generations,” said Ohorongo Cement’s Public Relations and Corporate Communication Manager, Esther Mbathera.

After the three hour training session, all trainees received a brickmaking manual for further reference and a certificate of attendance. Beyond the training, Ohorongo Technical Team, together with a support team from Built it stores, will continue to provide technical assistance and advice to the trainees, to ensure the best outcome and high quality bricks.

Trainees are selected through liaison with the various Regional Governors’ offices.

The next brickmaking training will be held in Khomas Region in September, followed by the Otjozondjupa region in October. Training sessions for rest of the regions will be conducted in 2018.

NOTE: Ohorongo Cement / Build It are not qualified training institutions and cannot accredit any individual after training has been done. Training is done solely in support of Harambee, transfer of skills & knowledge & job creation in order to empower people

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