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OOCT Invests More

Published on: 24 November 2014
OOCT Invests More
OOCT Invests More

Various medical equipment to the value of N$ 300 000 were donated to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) and some other beneficiaries by the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT) and Support e.V. Ulm today.

The hand-over ceremony of wheelchairs, walking frames, adult diapers and other medical related equipment and consumables, were handed over to Ministry of Health & Social Services and various identified institutional groups of need. Hon Haingura accepted the generous donation from Prof. Dr. Maier (Support e.V. Ulm) on behalf of the Ministry.


OOCT has a long-standing Memorandum of Agreement with MOHSS, and also signed an Addendum for a 5 Year Extension to the existing agreement at the event.

The letter of Extension serves to extend the existing Technical Development Co-operation Agreement between MOHSS of the Republic of Namibia, with Support e.V Ulm, Germany (a non-profit organization), and the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), focusing on assisting the Namibian Government to improve health and health related requirements of the Namibian population.

MOHSS agreed to receive such assistance and dedicated itself to support OOCT and Support e.V., Ulm, in pursuance of such co-operation.


Five other organizations also received equipment at the event: Dagbreek Special School / Lutheran Medical Services / Huis Deon Louw / Catholic Health Services, Johanniter Hilfswerk and Altersheim Elkin-Delk.

“We have only invited 5 beneficiaries to be present today, however, there are lots of other organizations who will also benefit from similar donations,” said Mr Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd.


Even though Ohorongo Cement is still a very young company within a new industry, it highly values Namibia and its people.

Hence, in 2009, even before one bag of cement has been manufactured, Ohorongo Cement, in collaboration with the Otavi Town Council, started the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), with Support e.V. Ulm, as a strategic partner on the health-side of things.

The aim was to make a positive contribution towards improved living conditions of Otavi and its people, and as such, add to the sustainable social-economic development of the town.

The focus of the Trust is based on 3 pillars: Education, Infrastructure and Healthcare.

And it is in the Healthcare pillar, that Ohorongo cannot thank Support e.V. Ulm enough for their dedicated efforts towards Namibia and its people.

Prof. Dr. Maier and his team work effortlessly behind the scenes to do fundraising for specific projects that are pre-identified.

The company has always viewed the community as an extension of itself, and hence view this type of upliftment more as an investment, rather than a responsibility.

For the past 5 years, OOCT, in collaboration with its partner, Support e.V. from Ulm, Germany, have donated in excess of N$ 5 million in kind towards the upliftment of Otavi and its region by means of various projects, such as the renovation of the Otavi Health Clinic, the Otavi Sports Facitlities, donation of an ambulance to the Otavi Town Council, water-coolers en solar geysers to schools and many more.


The most recent project receiving attention is the erecting of the Etunda Clinic, together with the Founding Father, H.E. Dr. Sam Nujoma.

Ohorongo Cement was approached by The Sam Nujoma Foundation to assist with the construction which-ever way they can.

Ohorongo Cement will donate cement towards this project as well.

Support e.V. from Ulm, in collaboration with the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), will contribute equipment for the clinic to the value of N$ 600 000-00 over and obove the cement dontation.

“Education is important, however, health is equally important, as we are shaping the future leaders of our nation,” said Schütte.

“We need a healthy nation who can all contribute towards a stable economy for Namibia.

We have the groundbreaking ceremony of the Etunda Clinic on 25 November, just outside Otavi.”


However, the fact that the main focus of the Trust has always been towards Otavi and its people, limited the areas of contribution & involvement.

Hence the decision to alter the Deed of the Trust, which now opens up the field of contribution to the entire Namibia on a National level, rather than focusing on one region only.

Hence the recent donation of various medical equipment to the value of N$ 85 809.60 to Rundu State Hospital and Hon. Deputy Minister of MOHSS, Petrina Haingura, in July this year.

The donation consisted of hospital beds, matrasses, bedside tables, wheelchairs, walking frames, emergency hospital camp beds, bunk beds for children, care elevating mechanisms, commodity chairs and much more.

This specific project initiative was born at a fundraising event in Ulm, hosted by Support e.V., where the Hon. Deputy Minister Haingura was in attendance.


There are a huge number of disabled people within Namibia, who have been neglected for a very long time and it is our hope, that by means of OOCT and Support e.V., Ulm, we can at least make a small difference in the disabled community at large.

When it came to the company’s attention that The Center of Enterprise Development and Research (CED) has trained 12 students with disabilities to equip and capacitate them to run their businesses successfully, OOCT immediately committed to support at least 2 of the 12 students with some equipment to start up their businesses.

“We cannot look to Government alone to take on this huge responsibility, and as such, Ohorongo Cement embraced the Public Private Partnership (PPP) by becoming involved in supporting Government initiatives and encouraging entrepreneurship in this manner,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schüttte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

“Also because Ohorongo Cement values and fully support Vision 2030, the Growth At Home Strategy and NDP 4, we firmly believe that this is at least a small step in the right direction, and as such, we have selected two of the disabled applicants, Jacob Irungu and Sirkka Kanime, whom we will support with equipment to kick-start their businesses.”

“Organizations like CED plays a vital role to provide assistance and training to such SME’s to ensure that it is sustainable. Only by assisting others to develop, can we fully develop the economy of Namibia to create sustainable employment and wealth creation for our future.”


“Ohorongo Cement, OOCT and Support e.V. Ulm, is proud to be associated with supporting Government initiatives, SME’s and CED, as education and job creation is the life-blood that drives the Growth At Home Strategy, Vision 2030 as well as NDP4.

By encouraging entrepreneurship, even the disabled can make a positive contribution towards the Namibian economy,” said Schütte.

“We are on the brink of electing a new President and we are looking forward to tackling National issues together and to celebrate 25 years of Namibian Independence.

Only through assisting others to develop, can we fully develop the economy of Namibia to create sustainable employment and wealth creation for a better Namibia and ensure a legacy for our children.”

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