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Otavi mayor acquire brickmaking skills

Published on: 4 October 2017
Martha Shipanga receives her Certificate of Attendance from Jurgens Nel who conducted the training
Martha Shipanga receives her Certificate of Attendance from Jurgens Nel who conducted the training

The Mayor of the town of Otavi, was one of the participants in the three hour brickmaking training session, held at Build it in Otavi today (04 October).

During the training session, Her Worship, Martha Shipanga, together with 22 other participants from all over Otjozondjupa Region, were taught about mixing ratios and the skill of brickmaking. The 3 hour training was offered free of charge by the Ohorongo Build it Brickmaking Academy in support of Harambee.

“I have learned that most successful people got their hands dirty at some point in their lives. Irrespective of my tittle as the mayor of the town, I also need these sustainable skills, because I believe it is my duty to set a good example, and inspire the people of the region. I cannot be a leader and not know how to do the basic things in life,” she said.

She expressed gratitude towards the Academy for the initiative of sharing knowledge that will assist communities to improve their quality of life.

“The fact that you involve Government through liaising with the various Governors with this initiative, shows transparency and dialogue, true dedication for the cause. It proves that big companies still have a caring heart at its core,” said Moses !Omeb, Special Advisor to Hon. Otto Ipinge, Governor of Otjozondjpa.

“This training is an opportunity for us to address the housing problem, as the cost for constructing a house will be reduced if we make our own bricks”, commented one of the trainees.

For the trainees who wish to start their own brickmaking business, the Build it Group has committed to purchase the bricks produced, creating a permanent offset area. Purchases will be subject to strict quality control measures which needs to be adhered to.

“We are very fortunate to join forces with Ohorongo Cement in this venture. Not only does this Academy strengthen smart partnerships, but it also empowers future tradesmen, not only with new skills, but also with the assurance that the Build it Group of companies can and will provide all Namibians with top quality building materials,” said Paul Hinson, Category Buyer for the Build it Group.

The Academy, established in March this year, is the result of the Smart Partnership between Ohorongo Cement and one of its customers, the Build it Group, in support of Government’s development policies, as well as poverty eradication efforts.

Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement said that fighting poverty should be about imparting skills and knowledge. “The Brickmaking Academy is our way of contributing towards the poverty eradication objectives of our government. Ultimately this would also contribute to the sustainable development of our country, and hence towards creating a better future.”

Beyond the initial training, the Ohorongo Technical Team, together with a support team from Built it stores, will continue to provide technical assistance and advice to the trainees.

Training for the rest of the regions will be conducted during 2018.

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