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Published on: 29 October 2018
Funders for the renovations of the Otavi Courts, together with the local authority councillors
Funders for the renovations of the Otavi Courts, together with the local authority councillors

Despite the economic slump that Namibia is experiencing, four companies refused to backtrack on social responsibilities toward towns that are still in need of community development projects.

On Saturday, 27 October 2018, the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), B2Gold, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Community Trust and Agra Limited, handed over the refurbished Otavi Courts to the Otavi town council.

The renovation cost amounted to more than N$ 3.3 million, of which N$ 2.5 Million came from Ohorongo Cement. Through this investment, volleyball, netball and basketball courts were revamped, to ensure proper support towards the social activities that will enhance the living standards of the residents of this town.

Markus Damaseb, the previous mayor of Otavi, and one of the trustees of the OOCT, handed over the facility to Otavi Town Mayor Hon. Martha Shipanga.

Damaseb called upon the community to utilize the facility to the maximum, as he believe that   futures stars can emerge from the facility. He added that the facility has the potential to increase economic activities at the town.

“We acknowledge that the town of Otavi needs development. I am of the opinion that if well managed and maintained, this facility can be the driving force for development in this town. The main objective of this partnership is geared towards the uplifting of communities, in an effort to maintain a balance between the economy and environments in which the various businesses operate,” said Damaseb

Hon Shipanga commended the partners, describing their act as a clear demonstration of how the private sector can collectively organise themselves to improve the social development of the communities.

“This facility will go a long way to keep the youth, the active old persons and people with disabilities to be engaged in a healthy and happy lifestyle through sports and recreation, therefore improving the living standard and well-being of Otavi Town residents,” Hon Shipanga said.

Shipanga told the gathering that the town council will ensure that the facilities is put to good use.

She advised the community to approach town council’s office and “make the relevant booking arrangements and then keep it in excellent condition after use. Let us appreciate the hard work of sponsors by putting this facility to good use.”

The partners pledged to remain committed to the growth of Otavi and this is evident in the investment that companies such as Ohorongo and B2Gold have committed towards the housing initiatives for their employees and towards the delivery of low-income housing for the community members, through the Shackdwellers Federation of Namibia.

The article was also published on the New Era Newspaper website & also the Namibia Economist.

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