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CEM II B-V 42.5N

CEM II B-V 42.5N is produced at Ohorongo Cement’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with carefully selected premium raw ingredients for consistent strength, workability and durability to give excellent results every time.

Ohorongo CEM II B-V 42.5N users are assured of high quality and reliable cement product, which enables users to produce cost effective concrete and concrete products.

Ohorongo’s Cement products are proudly 100% Namibian.


Features, Applications and Benefits

Ohorongo CEM II B-V 42.5N is suitable for on-site mixing with extenders such as Fly Ash (FA), ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBS) and highly compatible with commercial chemical admixtures to give extra value and customized mixes.

Freshly mixed concrete

  • Improved water retention and less bleeding for better surface finish
  • Low heat of hydration
  • Improved workability
  • Allows earlier stripping times

Concrete in the hardened state

  •  Excellent 7-day strength development
  • Wide range of concrete strengths can be achieved
  • Reduced expansion
  • Denser concrete which leads to low permeability
  • Higher long-term strength and durability
  • Excellent water retaining properties
Ohorongo CEM II B-V 42.5N is a Portland Composite Cement comprising of high quality clinker blended with gypsum and fly ash.


Strength Development
Strength Development
Strength Specification



Ohorongo CEM II B-V 42.5N complies with the physical and chemical requirements of NAMS 197 & SANS 50197 for a Class CEM II B-V 42.5N cement.

The production process is strictly controlled by the Quality Assurance Department, to ensure consistent quality.



Ohorongo Cement is ISO 14001:2015 certified, confirming its commitment towards sustainability and caring for the environment.

Ohorongo has replaced over 40% of its fossil fuel with locally sourced environmentally friendly fuels such as wood chips and charcoal fines to reduce the carbon footprint of its production process.

Water consumption is minimised by using air for clinker cooling. Advanced filtration systems are installed accross the entire process to limit dust emissions.

Recommended mix porportions by bolume using CEM II B-V 42.5N
Recommended mix porportions by bolume using CEM II B-V 42.5N
Recommended mix proportions by volume using CEM II B-V 42.5N


Other important factors

Aggregate have a significant influence on strength, quality and durability of concrete, mortar and plaster. We recommend using aggregates from reputable suppliers.

The sand used should not contain organic material (dung, roots, leaves), nor too much fines / clay, which may lead to loss of strength or excessive water demand.

Quality of water is important! Use clean drinkable water to achieve a workable concrete.
Least amount of water should be used, too much water will result in strength loss of concrete, plaster and mortar.

After the concrete, mortar and plaster have hardened, keep them moist by spraying with water and covering with light coloured plastic sheeting to prevent evaporation for up to 7 days.

Ohorongo Cement is distributed in 50 kg bags, 2 ton bags and bulk tankers. Bulk storage silos should be dry and vapor tight.
Cement bags should be protected from moisture and kept dry, preferably off ground by means of pallets or timber, preventing moisture contact. Bags should be stored away from direct sunlight, or should be covered by a roof or sheeting. Stacking should be kept to a maximum of two pallets high to avoid compaction of cement bags at the bottom.
Handling and Safety

Refer to Ohorongo Cement Safety Data Sheet, obtainable from Ohorongo Cement.

Technical Support
Ohorongo Cement offers technical support from its comprehensively equipped chemical, cement, and concrete laboratories. Assistance with cement- as well as concrete aspects, including advice on mix design is available from our qualified technical staff.
Ohorongo Haus
Schanzenweg 35, Windhoek
PO Box 86842, Eros Windhoek
Tel: +264 61 389 300
Fax: +264 61 247 878

Please contact the Ohorongo Cement Sales Office for price enquiries. Contact details provided below.

Ohorongo Haus
Schanzenweg 35, Windhoek
PO Box 86842, Eros Windhoek
Tel: +264 61 389 300
Fax: +264 61 247 878



If you are a redistibutor of Ohorongo Cement and need high resolution images for your promotional material, files in various formats may be found in the Ohorongo Cement Media Library.

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