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LIM Investments Development Project

Town: Windhoek
LIM Investments Development Project

PROJECT DISCRIPTION: The building is a combination of office space and residential flats build on top of basement parking. (Mixed Development)

PROJECT ETA: 12 Months

AMOUNT OF CEMENT USED: 201 Bags of 32.5 for brickwork and plastering. 4088 bags of 42.5 for concrete.

RECOMMENDED CONCRETE STRENGTH:  25mpa for columns and slabs and 30mpa for foundations. (Roughly 511 cubes of concrete)

CONCRETE PLACEMENT: Both direct discharge and pump mix. Pump was used on higher levels for slabs.


PROJECT CHALLENGES: Multi story buildings in itself is a challenge as the time for concrete to reach full strength prevents certain work from progressing which puts a strain on your timeline. Proper Strategic planning is key to complete a multi-story building within the desired timeline.


Project information and photos provided by Nexus Construction.

CLIENT: LIM Investments
CONTRACTOR: Nexus Mining & Construction

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Ohorongo (Pty) Ltd. is one of the first of Namibia's cement manufacturers and owns one of the most modern cement plants in Africa. It was constructed over the course of two years by leading international engine...

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Ohorongo Windhoek Office
11 Van Der Bijl Street, Northern Industrial Area, Windhoek
P.O. Box 86842, Eros
Tel: +264 61 389 300

Cement Plant
Sargberg Plant, North Otavi
P.O.Box 444, Tsumeb
Tel: +264 67 235 7000

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