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Cement Hand Bowl Holder with Ohorongo Cement

You will need
  • CLEAN WATER (To Mix)
  • LATEX GLOVES (To Fill With Cement Mixture)
  • A BOWL OR VASE (To Provide The Shape)
  • BUCKET (For Mixing)
  • FLAT ITEM WITH A BIT OF WEIGHT LIKE A HARD COVER BOOK (For Molding The Base Of Your Sculpture)
  • SPOON OR ROD (For Mixing)
  • GLOVES (To Wear)


Step 1

Mix the CEM II B-LL 32.5N with water into a mixture of smooth consistency – it should have the same consistency as a thick cake batter. The amount of water will depend on the amount of cement used, so add water slowly while mixing. For one glove you will need about 500 g of cement and 125 ml of water, depending on the size of the glove used.

Step 2

Fill the latex gloves with the cement mixture. Make sure to press the cement down into the fingers, and remove any air bubbles. Make sure the fingers are not too thin to prevent them breaking of during the removal of the glove once it has dried.

Step 3

Tie the end of the glove into a knot to prevent the cement from running out during curing. Wash away any excess cement and dry the glove properly before placement.

Step 4

Place the bowl you want to use as part of the decoration upside down on a table. Position the cement filled glove on the bowl, in the shape you want it to set as. Be careful not to place the fingers too closely together, as this will make it difficult to remove the glove later. Place the book on top of the cement filled glove hand to ensure a flat surface at the bottom to stand on once you turn it around.

Step 5

Use the masking tape to tape the fingers around the bowl if they are not flat against the surface of the bowl. Be careful not to pull the tape too tight as it will leave indentations on the cement fingers.

Step 6

Leave the cement filled gloves taped to the bowl to set for at least 24 hours.

Step 7

Once the cement is hardened, remove all supporting material and the bowl. Gently peel off the gloves and remove any loose cement pieces near the knot of the glove.

Step 8

Enjoy your beautiful cement hand bowl holder!

Click on the link below to download the full Cement Hand Bowl Holder with Ohorongo Cement document.

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